What's Next is Up to HIM

Okey, so I woke up today feeling all refreshed with strength renewed, said my prayers, and looking forward to what's gonna happen for the day. But it's really gonna be a busy day, a hectic Monday so to speak, work, eat, work, home. Nothing special except that -- it's my birthday!

Yes, Happy Birthday to ME! 33 years in this life and I am still alive and kicking, and I thank my God for preserving me up to now. I already celebrated the weekend with a blast even though all of those were advance celebrations, on Saturday with my friends in GenSan and yesterday, with my Mom and Dad and siblings in Marbel. So I feel complete already, everything is good. Nothing more to ask for the birthday, but good health and the best of everything, and of course, as always my prayer, that regular job in the government office. =)

My 32 years was spent to be a happy life, all the twists and turns were good and beneficial, even the trials and the hurts were all beneficial because it made me a stronger person. Today, allow me to just thank my Mom and Dad for sweating it all out to create me, because was it not for their libido, I wouldn't have been here! I thank my Mom and Dad because even if we don't have much, even if I lived my elementary and high school days with only two pairs of torn socks, that inspired me more and made me whole.

Returning back to the days when we were empty-handed, it just makes me realize how blessed I am since then and now, and how God has protected me and my family, and gave me showers of blessings even if I had been a bad girl.

And yes, I am 33 and what's next is up to HIM. But rest assured, I am still the same and getting better. Thank you too, dear friends for being my outlet, my listening ears to my rants and raves and the secrets this blog has kept.

And hey, I will just be in the office the whole day, so for those who wants to send flowers, gifts, balloons, chocolates, cash, you know where to find me. Hehehe, just making you laugh!


kayni said…
Happy birthday, Sheng. More blessings to you.
Mimi said…
Happy birthday, Sheng! May God bless you and keep you in His care always.
kg said…
happy happy birthday sheng! :)

mwah! i wish you all the good things in life sheng! love you!
eks said…
maligayang kaarawan, sheng! nawa'y humaba pa at maging maligaya ang buhay mo. :-)
bertN said…
Happy 33rd! Not young to be ignored or old to be forgotten. Happy birthday!
Ibyang said…
happy birthday dear!!! more blessings and happiness :)
mordsith said…
happy birthday, dear sheng! =)
TPS said…
Accckkk! You should never mention parents + libido in the same sentence!!!

Seriously, happy birthday, Sheng! More blessings!
dong ho said…
Returning back to the days when we were empty-handed, it just makes me realize how blessed I am since then and now>>> sa ganyang kabaitan at pananalig sigurado ka sa Kanya.

happy birthday again Sheng!
upto6only said…
happy happy birthday Sheng. Enjoy your day. I'm happy to have known you :)

God Bless always
witsandnuts said…
Happy birthday! May you and your family receive more blessings!
Eds said…
belated happy birthday sheng.

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