Coffee Dream, Where Your Coffee Dreams Come True

I drink coffee, in fact, a cup of good coffee basically starts my mornings. But I am not one who drinks more than two, I prefer a cup in the morning and one when I feel like it.

There are a number of coffee shops here in our city, they are good coffee shops as well, but I prefer one that is just within the vicinity where I work, or where I frequent. Having one inside the mall is a blessing. And when Coffee Dream opened six years ago in my favorite mall, husband and I were regular customers, almost always ordering strawberry smoothies.

Having Coffee dream re-launched is a good reminder that it exists because I have totally forgotten about it after being switched to another workplace a bit far from the mall. With more relaxing ambiance this time, it seemed more spacious and more convenient for business meet-ups. The choice of pastries and cakes are awesome, yummy pieces and delicious chilled coffee blends. They also serve non-coffee chilled blends, re-packaging the old strawberry smoothie I have once loved and making me fall in love with it once more.

Well, I have always envied some blogger friends for being close to a Starbucks outlet, but I totally do not get how expensive that can be. And I am not even sure if I can afford to buy a cup from Starbucks, knowing how dear everything there is. But thanks to Coffee Dream, with less than a hundred bucks, you can already grab a piece of cookie and a cup of hot chocolate or caffe macchiato. A Frosticcino or Fro-Reo costs P120 per grande, and it is enough a reward for a day's tiresome work. Besides, they get home-grown coffee, and locally roasted coffee is just good for the country's economy.


Caffe Macchiato

Cakes, you say? They have cakes and sandwiches. Pair your hot drink with a good tuna sandwich or corned beef sandwich. A serving is too generous, so an order can be devoured by two and you will still have it with gusto.

Corned Beef Sandwich

You can order a muffin or two, a piece of cake costs less than 2 dollars, but they can genuinely satiate your hunger and fill your rumbling tummy.

Carrot Muffin

Elizabeth Surprise

We had a whole day job fair last Friday, and I felt so tired. The husby was already at home and slept while waiting for me, I didn't bother calling him coz I knew he was tired but when he asked me where I stayed that kept me long, I had to giggle after telling him I rewarded myself with an Irish latte from Coffee Dream. That made me guilty, I should have brought him one, too. Next week, honey, you and I both!

Oh, and these pictures? All these and more we got to try during the exclusive blogger's coffee party they prepared for us yesterday. So, these are the husby's photos, not mine. *wink*


kg said…
looks like a nice place to relax sheng! the place looks cozy enough!

although strabucks abounds her in manila, i am not near one, at dinadayo ko pa sya when i want one.
bariles said…
Try their TSOKOLATE & Tuna Sandwich!! They're OHZUM!!!

Thanks Coffee Dream for coming back to GenSan!!! We need more of you. How about branches in the rest of the city?

Thanks Sheng!
upto6only said…
nice name. parang ang sarap mag relax dyan. and the caffe machiato mmmm sarap tikman. i like drinking coffee sa mug instead sa paper cup. the coffee tastes better.

i heard magkakaroon na ng starbucks dyan i just forgot the exact place.
ekstranghero said…
nice! :-) sarap tumambay diyan.

ako naman, batang kopiroti ako. kung di man kopiroti, figaro muna bago humanap ng starbucks.
prinsesamusang said…
i love that art on their wall! the food looks nice too. dati hindi ako mahilig sa kape pero nung naging writer na ko sheng super kape na, haha!
witsandnuts said…
I like the canvass-artwork on the wall. For me, that's one of the measures of the coffee houses. :)
lynette said…
waaah! i missed this. whats their bestseller coffee concoction? any suggestions? im a coffee addict.
liezl said…
tsalap tsalap...parang nahilo ako kahapon sa dami ng nakain at nainom ko, hehe. definitely i will be back at coffee dream :)
Reena said…
kelangan ma-try ko ito! the food looks yummy. do theyhave durian tasting coffee?
Bonedoc said…
how about a branch in Tacurong????LOL
onyxx said…
greetings, my fellow coffee addict :). anytime anybody posts something about coffee, my ears just perk up.
bottoms up *raises coffee mug
bursky said…
looking at these photos is torture. i want tuloy!!! hahaha! i'm all for the soft cakes. grabe...
docgelo said…
napapalunok ako sa sarap habang tinitingnan ang mga photos mo.

like you, my mornings are incomplete without a cup of coffee. since i need to rush to work daily, i take my sip at my work desk. nonetheless, coffee never fails to perk up my day.

caffe macchiato + corned beef sandwich = solb!
The Hippie Mum said…
Carrot muffin looks yum (I love any type of bread with any amount of carrot, hihi!)

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