Isn't IT Ironic?

i went to my internist today. i was actually crossing my fingers that nothing really bad is happening to me. i am afraid that what friends tell me would be true as to the doc's diagnosis. i was actually thinking of hypertension to be the culprit of my recurring headaches.

i feel better this day, without the kids around, i took a leave and went to do errands, lots of errands and had to see the doc. the diagnosis stays as is: MIGRAINE. he just upped the dosage of the meds i will have to take. one is celebrex and another one is sibelium. i have normal bp when i got to the clinic so the idea of hypertension is crossed out. contrary to what others say that headaches might mean hypertension, my doc explained that hypertension is a silent killer, thus it may not give you any symptom of an attack. mine's purely migraine as the pain pulsates through the head, and i often feel the throbbing on my left part of head.

there, that means no extra worries. i am actually careful with the food i eat. it's just that, migraine can be predicted, some attacks have precursors, and for the record, mine's the craving for chocolates. how ironic is it that when i crave for chocolates, i need to take meds, but only when i don't crave for it will i eat it. ack! but i have to follow the doc's advice, otherwise, this picture remains my daily mood.

and my brain would be as complicated as this one.

i wrote about migraine and its different aura here, feel free to read and grasp what you can take. and hoe that you don't get visited by attacks as often as i do.


kg said…
hi sheng, perhaps you should take a breather from your busy sked! just one or two days of relaxation will do! :)

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