Me, Now

Now, off to other positive things to blog about, I am feeling a little better now. I have to get better or else, I will continue feeling pain all over my body and having hoarse voice and having palpitations running after my runny nose, ack!

Things are fine in the office and things are fine at home except that my kids will be going to Iloilo for a short vacation together with their granny. We will be sending the three of them off to Davao on Saturday, that makes us enjoy more of Davao (which I really missed) on a Sunday. They will be back after two weeks, so a little play while they are away is a welcome respite from waking up early to cook their breakfast.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, and I vowed to limit my online activities as part of my semi-abstinence. I made good, I dunno how long that can hold though. I am not Catholic but having to limit online presence and trying to get more of HIS presence is more than welcome for me, reflecting life and what it has to offer.

March is a busy month for us too, what with graduation and all, so not having kids around means being productive, but then again, I am missing them already... *sigh*

On another note, I am cooking now, which makes me realize that I have been too engrossed with cooking my chicken adobo that just when I was about to fix the table, I was reminded, I haven't cooked rice! Gah!

So bye for now, lest I forget breakfast.

Double gah! Ageing!


kg said…
ang cute nung baby! he he!

i'm still thinking what my sacrifice for this Lenten season will be...hmm....
bertN said…
I wish I could put my passing thoughts in writing like you do. Not possible. I want to live longer LOL.

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