One Crazy Weekend

The kids are finally here. I have not told you this because the two weeks swiftly went, but my kids went to a short vacation in Iloilo City with their grandmother. And it was a heavy decision to make to let them enjoy vacation without us, since we could not give them the time they want for vacation. I could not leave work because as you can see, I am still earning good points to get a regular post, and the husband also has work to do, what with graduations and his day job too, so I have to ask MIL to join them.

So off they went last March 13, we sent them off to Davao and they were quite enjoying every minute until last Wednesday, when MIL texted me the daughter has fever and the son vomits. I was panicky, and I could not settle down, not knowing the situation they are in. It was not until Thursday afternoon that the bad turned to worse and Tabebs was admitted to the hospital. It was not until 8pm when the son was diagnosed with amoebiasis and the daughter could be infected with the same for the symptoms they show are similar.

It is so hard to be away from the kids, this is actually the first time we were separated for two weeks long, without one of us, the dad or me. Last year, I was away for 5 days when I went to Luzon but the dad was there to take care of them, this time, neither of us were there.

Restlessness slowly made me anxious, I could not sleep and I'd constantly check on my phone if there are any updates from them. They are supposed to fly home on Saturday so all the more I got anxious. Friday afternoon and the doctor has not yet arrived to check on their condition, no news if they will be released from the hospital.

I could only pray and pray and wish them well.

The call came at 8 in the evening. Biboy called to inform me they were home and everything went fine. And they were packing their bags already because early the next morning, they will be flying home.

Glory to God for all the great things He has done. But if you ask me if I am willing to let them go away for another vacation, just them. No more. They will vacation with us, no matter what the cost.

They are here with us now, I am exhausting all efforts to let Tabebs take her medicines, she's one hard head. Tsk, rsk, but she's fine here, with me.

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. ~Jewish Proverb


kg said…
thank Gof they're ok now sheng! but naman! i know how nerve wracking that can be.

i know what you mean about having kids take their meds! haay, minsan talaga pahirapan!

at least they still have two months of vacation to enjoy!
onyxx said…
that must have been tough for all of you. i hope your kids will return to good health soon. hang in there sheng.
TPS said…
Goodness, you must have been a wreck!
Thank goodness they're okay.
BlogusVox said…
I'm glad they're okay now. Ang dami kasing paninda sa bangketa dyan sa iloilo. Baka doon galing ang virus. Kumain ang mga bata na hindi na pansin ni grandma.
dong ho said…
i believe it's those times and experience that will show endurance and unfailing love of parents.
SunnyToast said…
Praise good to hear that dr oky:)
Reena said…
buti nlng they're safe now.

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