Patience is A Virtue, God says Later

God answers a YES and a NO and sometimes, he answers you with a "later".

I went to the regional office yesterday to present something in line with my job, but was welcomed with a sad news that I didn't make it, there was 9 of us and there was only one vacant post, but sure enough, there will be more retirees this year, so there will be more vacant posts in store for me. I know it is God's will for me and God has his reasons. It may be disheartening but that incident made me all the more encouraged to try out what they still have in store.

So, Plan A continues. Review again for the much dreaded exams. Exams again? Ohhh, I haven't told you this yet, my CS eligibility is sub-professional so this means I have to take the professional level exams this May 22, I hope I pass. Reviews, and more reviews. I will get to meet Math more often, darn!

Today, I am bitten by the flu bug. The stress and lack of sleep may have gotten into me since last week in preparation for the exams, the anxiety I felt while waiting, and the weariness after office. All rolled into one, there's this coughing and sniffing now, which makes me think of going to the hospital and see some cute guys in white nursing uniforms. Haha! Seriously, my back hurts, my throat has pains, and all I can think of is getting myself medicated as soon as possible so that I cannot spread the darn virus to my kids. I am desiring a good massage. Weather here has been crazy for the past days, rain in the afternoons after the scorching heat in the morning. Is that the same in your place too? I hope not, and I hope you are not having the same idea as mine of getting to see some cute nurses clad in their custom made scrubs.

Hachooooo! Okey then, I gotta rest today, I hope these boys I am imagining clothed in their nurse scrubs uniform do not become a reality. I do not like hospitals.

When God closes the door, He opens the windows, right?


kg said…
tama sheng, patience is a virtue. there's something better for you. kung d man, it's not yet time, and you might have to wait. :)

get well soon! mwah!
red said…
Get well soon Sheng. Marami pa namang next time. Goodluck lagi
Ibyang said…
i sent you some hugs via plurk, now i'm sending you some more--HUGS!!!!!

good luck on the CS professional exam. kaya mo yan! Get well soon too!

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