Things We Need Less vs Things We Need More

I read this from Bursky's place. And in all honesty, I can say that all the things we need less must be converted to the things we need most.

And it happens that we need not focus on the cost of these things, because apparently, they seem costless. Improvement comes from within, there are enough "BAD" in this world that we need to show responsibility and share something "GOOD".

For self-improvement or for the good of all, we can at least lessen something and add more effort to achieve what is more valuable.

Information Wisdom
Shallow billionaires Passionate teachers
Self-promotion Self-awareness
Multitasking Control of our attention
Inequality Fairness
Sugar Lean protein
Action Reflection
Super sizes Smaller portions
Private jets High-speed trains
Calculation Passion
Experts Learners
Blaming Taking responsibility
Judgment Discernment
Texting Reading
Anger Empathy
Output Depth
Constructive criticism Thank-you notes
Possessions Meaning
Righteousness Doing the right thing
Answers Curiosity
Long hours Longer sleep
Complaining Gratitude
Sitting Moving
Selling Authenticity
Cynicism Realistic optimism
Self-indulgence Self-control
Speed Renewal
Emails Conversations
Winning Win-win
Immediate gratification Sacrifice

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kg said…
super agree!

what the world needs the most, sheng, is love. :)
docgelo said…
i cannot agree more with this post!
thank you for sharing, sheng.
you don't have any idea how it brightened by little glommy day.
jeanny said…
super agree ako. LIke Doc G, your list brightened by tiring day. Will follow your advice.

onyxx said…
i think we also need the wits to see the difference between these choices, because sometimes it's hard to see them for what they really are -- or maybe we're just too stubborn to accept what's right under our noses
dong ho said…
great share Sheng. now we get to realize that we miss a lot of important things if forget to stop and reflect.

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