B.U.S.Y. is Spelled As Such

Sometimes, after a tiring day, you get home and realize that you need to breathe once in a while.

One thing for sure though, I just can't give myself a breather now. It just ain't possible, but soon, maybe.

B.U.S.Y. ang beauty ko! Waaaah, until after May 2. Dahil ito sa Nationwide Labor Day Jobs Fair. I was tasked to do some follow-ups, printing, vacancy slots, employers' attendance confirmation and way too many others. But I am not complaining with the amount of work I get, I can deliver. The thing is, after the four days of full rest, this comes, and my back is aching. TOXIC. I think need another spa session!



kg said…
yan ang gusto ko sayo sheng! alam mo you can do it! :)

yaan mo na, after nyan, magrelax ka ulit!
mordsith said…
at least worthwhile talaga ang work mo! =)
kayni said…
not too busy here but next month is our busiest.

just breathe. you can accomplish anything, sheng.
Eds said…
same here sheng. super busy. at tulad mo ok lang sa akin na maraming trabaho. ang pinoproblema ko lang yong mga inconsiderate na officemates. actually, i've got a bad encounter with one of the finance officer lately at yon ang mas nakakasama ng loob. grabeee!
dong ho said…
ganun na nga yata talaga. konti na rin kasi ang holidays.

stay healthy Sheng.
Photo Cache said…
thank you for visiting my blog (http://ewok1993.wordpress.com)

i scrolled down and read some of your entries. hope you don't get as much migraine this summer.
scart said…
be grateful and i know you are. More work means more money hehehe. As for me I'm busy with my child's schooling.
jeanny said…
I am busy too and I like you I dont complain rather grateful. :-)

Have a nice day Shengskie!
SunnyToast said…
Thats the right attitude:) no complain but grateful...for sure your little ones will be like you..that appreciate every little thing comes in life and knows how to pamper oneself:) goodluck with your summer!
docgelo said…
pareho tayo nang nararamdaman; minsan sarap sumigaw nang "hinto muna, pahinga lang ako!" hehe.. kakapagod ano? cest la vie!
Nortehanon said…
It's already the 5th of May so I'm hoping work is not as toxic anymore ;)

Good luck and have fun!
docgelo said…
dropping by again to greet you happy mom's day! :p

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