The Getaway to Home

We always stay with the husband's oldies at MIL's place some 15 kilometers away from our very own house. It is because these olds, 4 of them all senior citizens, have no one to be with them and look after them, so as very responsible children, we shouldered the task of looking after them and being with them during the weekdays, only going home to our very own house during the weekends, sometimes, even only once a month.

So the long weekend of Lent made us go home, have a small getaway to our very own abode, and enjoy the silent of no senior-citizen-whining.

I opened the small box that happen to hold the kids' rubber pool. We had this rubber pool for more than three years already and get to enjoy once a year, only during the Holy Week.

As you can see, our simple getaway to home, and not from home is satisfying. It made the husband and me rest, did a movie-marathon finishing at least 5 movies a day that we all enjoyed, when it is Dad's choice, the kids go to their rooms and read.

And of course, I cooked! Every bit of second was well spent, it only happens once a year that you get to enjoy 4 full days of rest, so we did enjoyed it to the best of what we can give the kids. No Samal or Boracay can compare with our summer getaway, it was days spent at home, but it was one of the best days spent at home.

See our dog, Coke, she enjoyed the summer too!


jeanny said…
sarap mag tampisaw dyan sa pool nyo.
dong ho said…
yan ang patok na summer activity. nasa bahay lang at pwede pang manood ng dvd habang nasa pool.

nice sheng. once a year... dapat gawing madalas habang kasya pa ang mga bulilit.
Eds said…
same here sheng. sa bahay lang din ako nitong bakasyon, un nga lang kami lang ng daughter ko magkasama kasi Good Friday lang walang pasok ang husband ko.
witsandnuts said…
Ang cute ng Flintstones kiddie pool nyo. When we were kids, we had a well turned into mini pool at the backyard. Pero hanggang 2 kids lang ang kasya. :)
docgelo said…
sarap naman magbabad sa sariling swimming pool! and what's great, it's in the comforts of your own home. this is quality time-family bonding!!!

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