Happiness is Seeing Your Kids Achieve Excellence

Nothing beats the happiness of a mother who walks up the stage and pins her children ribbons of excellence. Proud as I may of my children, I still want them to be enjoying life in a balanced state. There must be work and play, education and some fun. And despite their staying in the honors list, I want them to stay as humble and as low profile as possible. That is happiness for me.

To God be the glory for all things HE has done!

Tabebs, First Honors in Kinder 1
Biboy, Academic Honors in Grade 4

Now, what to do this summer? Hmmm... Suggestions please.


TPS said…
Bonggacious!!! Congrats sa kiddilets! At syempre sa proud parents.
Sharkteeth's summer is fully loaded. Katatapos-tapos lang nya ngayon ng Jollibee Kiddie Crew, aikido next week till the end of April, sana makasingit pa ng swimming. Whew! Busy.
upto6only said…
grabe i'm happy for you. you must soooo happy for your kids. what to do. celebrate. enjoy a long week with your kids as a gift for their hard work in school :)
kg said…
ang ganda ni proud mommy!

congrats sheng and kids! sulit ang pagod sa trabaho diba? :)
witsandnuts said…
Congratulations to your kids! Mana kina mommy at daddy. :)
AngelMD-No-More said…
congrats to the kiddos mama sheng! of course major major congrats to the proud mama!:)
mordsith said…
congrats! ang gagaling nila!
onyxx said…
uy, galeeeennng! mana sa mommy?
SunnyToast said…
Congrats:)I guess you really deserve a summer gateaway! Proud Mama!

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