My Love for Tees

For those who are regular visitors of my blog and those who have been stalking on me by reading my posts, you will know that I am an avid fan of t shirts. Yup, I go to the office with only my tees, and when there are times we have visitors, I just wear a blouse and some slacks. I am not into the girly things, and I never wear dresses except for events that only allow formal attires to entrants.

Well, it may be hard to accept but since I have been eating a lot more the past few months, I have lost control of my weight and my shirts seem to be too clingy for me now. The husband is actually kidding me of "not buying" new ones in order for me to discipline myself in taking extra measures to go back to the slim figure before I had those uh, shrinking tees.

Okey, in as much as I want to go to the malls and spend my hard-earned money in buying clothes, I don't think I could do that now, what with June coming up so fast. I prefer to be clad in simple tees and jeans. Sometimes, it becomes a good complement as some would guess my age lower than my actual is. However, with working for the government in the past 6 months, I have to keep myself a little more mature in line with my age and work, I have to wear more presentable clothes like collared blouses and blazers that allow you to look like some executive in a bank.

I just feel so comfortable with t shirts. I have collected a lot already. My addiction to tees will not falter for as long as I feel comfortable with it. I know when I need to dress properly and when not to. My point here is, if you are comfortable with something, then, go for it. Going with the flow of others even if you are uncomfortable with what they wear or do, may leave you groping. Set limits too, try to make yourself comfortable with what they wear, explore. Try new things, wear new styles. Be a little fashionable too, or you may look like a nanny behind your other office-mates.

But yes, I still love tees.


kg said…
lucky for you, you can go to work in just t-shirts! at least comfy ka!
upto6only said…
I love tees too. nice t-statements :)
bertN said…
Like you, I prefer to dress comfortably but when my job demands that I suit up on occasions, I have no choice but to go with the flow. I hate it with a capital H!

Now that I am retired, I can dress as sloppily as I feel most comfortable with, never mind if it hurts the eyes of many. My wife said with disdain that I am now the epitome of sartorial elegance LOL. Who cares! One dresses for comfort and protection from the elements, not to make a social statement.

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