Value Life

I fear death. Who does not? Death is the end of enjoying all things you like to do, and the end of seeing your dearly beloved alive, kicking and breathing life.

But death comes as a thief in the night, or even in the day.

Rey is a healthy guy, or so I thought. He is chubby, at his forty, with a wife and two sons, and a budding personal business in t-shirt printing and garments industry. No vices, no drinking, no smoke. He is our neighbor and friend; we just talked last week, and on Monday, I was informed he was admitted for high blood and ulcer. The following day, he is gone. He left his two young kids and his unemployed wife to leukemia.

His death came as a surprise, and a realization hit me. His work killed him. he has been doing his job as a shirt-painter for more than ten years. It is what fed his family. But the poison he breathes with his paints slowly crawled into him, eating him up. His work got the best of him.

This comes as a reminder. Never take your health for granted. Always learn to love yourself. Always take things in moderation. Yes, it may not be a severe case of hypertension or cancer, but it sure is an obligation for you to calm yourself by dismissing that discomfort. Whether it be a simple cough, flu, colds, or mild headache, it can bring you your death. And worst, it will bring discomfort, sadness and struggle to your family.

I have learned a good lesson with Rey's death. I hear and read of sayings that say, Live today as if it is your last, but I sometimes dismiss those things. Now, it is so true, you can never be sure when death will come. So live today as if it were your last, or you might never have the chance to do so. Say your love, express yourself. Hug them, kiss them, thank them. Now is the time.

Remember when I shared the lesson of the five balls?


kg said…
tama sheng...nakakshock ang deaths like that. and it serves as a reminder to us. ako nga, i've had this cough and colds for so long, magpapacheckup na nga ako...

how ironic that what fed the family of ray also took his life. may his soul rest in peace. and may his family be able to get through this hard time in their lives.
docgelo said…
thank you, sheng for emphasizing that no one should take health issues for granted. we have to be vigilant about our health conditions. totoong mahirap magkasakit!

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