Coffee Madness

On my multiple visits to home of the most expensive coffee, Kinilis, I have learned to love the community there, I and my friends have taken the responsibility of sharing what we have for the children there. And I did my share of helping them to continue with education, and encouraged them to continue learning.

As coffee lovers, I and my friends have ventured into something really special. And one thing that makes this venture special is that, we are going to help the B'laan community more with their livelihood.

We have witnessed how they have grown and taken care of these coffee shrubs, picked these coffee cherry beans for us and selected what could be best coffee for daily consumption.

coffee cherries

ripe coffee cherries

We have witnessed how they are as a community, and we are willing to help them with their livelihood. And because we love coffee, and we love to share...

We will brew this very, very soon!

Good luck to us!


Photo Cache said…
great job. i love coffee too. i used to drink 3 cups a day, but have successfully gone down to 1 cup a day.
pamatayhomesick said…
ganda ng konsepto...hanga ako sheng!

aabangan ko ang iyong paglalakbay!
onyxx said…
coffee (cafes, etc.) is so "in" these days. i wish this had happened while i was in college. my thesis was centered on a coffee plant complex, which i barely knew knowing about. a visit to a coffee plantation would have helped a lot :) (i just relied mainly on library research)
onyxx said…
ewwww... i just re-read my comment -- please change "knowing" to nothing (my excuse: i am barely functional until i've had my first cup of coffee). sorry.
BlogusVox said…
Anong variety ng coffe ba ang tanim ng mga B'laan?
SunnyToast said…
You really have a good heart:) your such an inspiration...sana maka visit din ako na ganito. I'm a coffee lover I think half of my blood is coffee:)

have a great week..Sheng!
jeanny said…
wow that is great news. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

witsandnuts said…
What a remarkable deed. I realized I've never been to a coffee plantation.
prinsesamusang said…
wow that looked so cool! naiimagine ko na ang lasa!
Never thought there's a coffee plantation near Mt. Matutum - it's always the pineapples that come to mind first!

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