This may sound very familiar to all of us, but this "hardworking" word has an almost different meaning now.

Like common sense, which is not so common anymore, hardworking entails with it a different meaning. I actually got this view when I joined a seminar just lately.

Hardworking, conveys a different and contrasting meaning now.


Hardworking = Characterized by hard work and perseverance.


Hardworking = Tough or too hard to push to work.

Madaming ganitong tao ngayon, and most, if not all, even get much higher pay than those who are included in the first definition. Oh well, they may have worked their way up, but that does not mean they should stop working hard upon reaching their high post and rank, right? Oo, may pinariringgan ako. Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magalit.


Claire said…
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Photo Cache said…
Hehehe, I like your last line :)

Happy weekend.
kg said…
ako sheng hindi tinatamaan! he he!
jeanny said…
hays...I know what you mean. I was appointed as an sst. ng boss ko, ang kinalabasan, lahat ng work nya pinapasa nya sa akin. ;-)
Lawstude said…
i could already imagine the colors of the Muslim woman in this event.

the last time kasi in zamboanga, it was sunday and lots of woman there are wearing colorful clothes, di nga lang namin nakuhanan ng pic kasi baka magalit.
onyxx said…
amen to this sheng. i know exactly what you mean. there are a lot of them around *sigh*

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