Huling Hirit sa Tag-init

We left the city at 8am, it was raining in Gensan that time, and so was Davao as we were told. But we still went despite the pouring of rain on top of our heads. It was a Thursday, we planned to have an overnight stay at Bluejaz Resort in the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal where fine white sand can be found and where tourists flock during the summer despite the island being in Mindanao.

Sir Gilbert, who was blessed with a lot and has been a very good family friend to us, shared his blessings and gave us an all-expense paid trip and overnight stay to Samal. I had to accept the chance since only the kids had the chance to go to iloilo for a short vacation while we had not been with them to treat them for summer.

Welcome to the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS)

Samal island is a place of beauty. Clear and clean waters, it is abundant with marine life and one place in the island boasts oh having bat sanctuary in it.

Since we only had a night to enjoy, we had to miss out on different things like touring Samal, and we just enjoyed the beach. Food was abundant despite its sky-high prices. Our host made sure we never went hungry, and his wallet was thinning but he never made us pull a cent from our pocket.

Bluejaz colors at night

Aside from Bluejaz, other resorts lining up the long stretch of beach are numerous, from Paradise Island, Leticia by the Sea, Pearl Farm and many others. Bluejaz is quite famous here because of its winding and gigantic slide for adults and there is also one for kids. You can also try their zipline which we actually did, for the 3rd time, I zipped. The experience did not matter to me anymore since their zipline was only a short fall from the ground and it was only 200 meters. I have already tried much more breath-taking and exhilarating zips than this one.

Bluejaz bar. This is where we had our dinner but we chose to be placed under a tree nearing the small infinity pool where we can enjoy the city lights gleaming in the seawater.

An early morning trip to the pool, and later on the beach naturally burned the three of us. Husband took a dip but not for long as they enjoyed themselves with making a sand sculpture. The son and daughter made a Mutya look-alike.

Samal Island's white sand beach, c/o Bluejaz Resort

There were a number of tourists there. we did not expect it to be still flocked with people since summer is already ending. We actually planned of a "huling hirit sa tag-init" but never expected there so many visitors in the resort who happened to make "habol" like us.

We had a blast there. The kids loved it there. It was a night of bonding with my kids where I was able to tell them stories of my childhood, I was able to tell them what we enjoyed as kids, how I got my allowances, what my parents did to make a living, and that time when there was noe electricity yet in our hometown. It was a very useful and interesting evening. Only then did I knew the kids were also interested with my past.

I will go back to Samal someday, and maybe then, I could also bring our host so he can also enjoy the fruits of my labor. This time, it is his blessings, soon, hopefully, the treat will be on me. Thank you, for everything.


kg said…
ang ganda naman! i still have a lot to explore in mindanao! tumira muna kaya ako dyan ng mga isang taon?:)

ps...sheng pakilala mo naman ako kay sir gilbert. baka makalibre din ng trip! he he!
SunnyToast said…
Nice to hear sheng na naka pag summer gateaway ka with your lovely family...such a best time to bond to each other.

Great pictures:)
jeanny said…
We might go to Samal naman next year.

Sobrang bait naman ni sir G. :-)
I am so back said…
More blessings to come for Mr G and to you too. At nakahabol rin kayo tulad ko. Bitin ang summer no? Hehehe. You and your family together with your host really enjoyed the one night stay sa Samal base sa post na 'to. Thanks for sharing the great story Sheng!
anney said…
Ganda namn dyan! Sana maka visit din ako in tyhe near future!
docgelo said…
glad you and your family had a great summer getaway! i bet it was a memorable fun before the kids go back to school.
dong ho said…
bait naman ni sir gilbert.

kakatuwa at kahit overnight lang basta kasama buong pamilya ok na. ganda nga diyan nakita lang namin yan nung pumunta kami sa samal.

ganda ng mga slides.

parang kailangan namin siyang kaibiganin. lol
Ela said…
Mabuti naman nakahirit ka pa for summer.
Next punta mo sa Samal, sama ako ha!
Magdala ako ng tabo para kay Tabebs
Tiradauno said…
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