Sunday, June 19

I Learned...

  • I learned to forgive because every wrong i did was forgiven, and Dad always urged to move on.
  • I learned to forget because every wrong I did, was never reminded to me.
  • I learned to risk because you were the one who taught me to risk. You even risked your life for many others on a ship when you were younger, and I was made witness to that heroic act.
  • I learned to fight, because with every twisted act, you told me we must assert our right and never be bullied.
  • I learned to love, because you loved Mom, and we are witnesses to that LOVE.
  • I learned to listen because you were always there to listen to us, and even to our grannies too.
  • I learned not to listen to negative things, because you told me it will never bring me anywhere.
  • I learned to share because you were always a giver.
  • I learned to be generous because, even with something small, you were ready to give what is left for yourself.
  • I learned to become a good mother, because you are the father that I have, and you were my inspiration.
  • I learned to love, because the father I have has been a loving father too.
  • I learned to love you more, because you have become the father that my husband never had since he was six.
  • I learned to appreciate fathers because you are my father.
And all these, is because of you!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!
And to the father of my kids, my unconditional love too!


jeanny said...

what a touching entry. Happy Father's day to your dad and to your Hubz.

kg said...


i think the most basic thing our parents have taught us is how to love. :)

bertN said...

Ang sweet naman ng Father's greeting mo to the two Dads in your life. You'll probably disagree with me - you are lucky to have them and they are luckier they have you.

kayni said...

what a wonderful and thoughtful message.

belated happy father's day to your dad and husband.

SunnyToast said...

Such a wonderful post to reflect love more my Father:)

Belated happy father's day to your dad and husband:)

Photo Cache said...

what a heartwarming tribute