If You Don't Know this Yet

I just knew this. Do not place your flash drives close to magnets and cellular/mobile phones if you want your flash drives to remain useful.

Most of us place our phones in our pockets along with the flash drives we have. Or, we place our flash drives in the same place we do our cellphones for easier search.

I just watched this on TV and found out, the magnetic field being generated by cellphones and other magnetic devices can erase data on your USB disks, or even cause your flash drives to be broken and later on, useless.

Obviously, I have nothing good in my mind to blog about. Sorry. But this sure helps, yes?


Nonoy said…
Now I know. I didn't know that until I read your post;Thanks for the info. cheers! :-)
GensanBoy said…
That is why it is a good thing to back up everything just in case this happens.
kg said…
wow tunay ba ito? well, in short wag ilapit ang mga bagay bagay sa cell phone! he he! [diba nga nakaka-cause daw yan ng cancer?]
SunnyToast said…
Thanks for the info:)
jeanny said…
yup...husband told me about this. :-)
Photo Cache said…
this is extremely helpful.

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