Thank You, Thank You

Dear Friends,

In case you didn't know yet, I have been maintaining one blog called Mother Instincts. This new blog I have created is a proof of how tiresome mothers feel and how happily they do the works of a mother despite their own personal weariness, and how proud they become with their kid's achievements, and many others...

In this blog, I have not been a loud-mouthed mom, but one who gives suggestions, recommendations and tips on how to become a good mother to your kids, a good wife to the husband, a good friend and workmate for colleagues, and a better friend to self.

A few of you may have visited the site already, and even left comments and I am very very thankful for that. Last night, as I was browsing through the net, my eyes caught some website containing a link to his blog, and I was surprised that some guy nominated me and that I made it to Week 2 of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.

I could not believe my eyes, and thought that I was dreaming. I didn't really thought that a silent little blog like Mother Instincts could be nominated as an influential blog, but I am really flattered. And since I have already been nominated there, I would like to ask for your support in continuing to nominate me.

There will be 12 weeks, and there will be weekly top influential blogs. What you can do to include me in the following weeks to go is to write a blog post about it, and include my link in your list. Here is the FAQ and complete mechanics of this highly acclaimed contest. You are allowed to nominate your very own blog provided it has been created anytime since April 2010, a year-old blog will do, with minimum requirement of 3 months posting. After you have written your post, submit link to Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Page. If you can add the sponsors of this contest, your name will be included in the raffle and might have the chance in winning 100$ after week 12.

Please support your other friends too, who knows they might also be included in the list. Thank you very much, and hoping for your kind-hearted support.




nanardxz said…
yes yes! I will include that on my list maam shei .. and hope to win that $100 in the raffle, AGAIN.. :)
Eds said…
wow! congrats sheng. sana you win that $100 sa raffle. goodluck.
kg said…
wow sheng, bigatin! congrats! you truly deserve it!
upto6only said…
naks di na ma-reach. goodluck and congrats in advance.
bursky said…
God bless dito! :) congrats din in advance! heehee
SunnyToast said…
docgelo said…
blessings come to those people who are kindhearted and that include you, sheng! congratulations on this!

off topic : thank you for your kind words. somehow it's comforting that some people out there relate to us. thank you for your prayers. really appreciate it.
Photo Cache said…
congrats and good luck. i will check out the other site.

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