Faking the Smoke

I really hate smoke. My Dad smokes and some friends of mine smoke too. It is a good thing that I do not judge them because of the smoke they emit, or else, I wouldn't have good friends at all. Haha.

But seriously, I hate inhaling second hand smoke or any smoke for that matter, except maybe those emitting from the smell of grilled tuna or grilled liempo. Aside from the fact that second hand smoke leads to so many sickness, it also is irritable to the nose which is why, even if I hurt the person smoking near me, I would cover my nose with my handkerchief just so I could not inhale any of his emissions.

But thank goodness for people who dared to stop smoking and innovated the top electronic cigarettes. They could see the flicker of the cigarette end but it is actually the artificial light that you can see from there. These electronic cigarettes really look like the real ones, only, without the hazardous smoke.

It is better they start this way, a slow withdrawal from cigarette addiction. It may not be the real thing but the top electronic cigarettes sure can save your lungs and your health.

I hope you know where in the world I can buy one. I have to satisfy the strong urge to distribute them to my "smoker" friends.



kg said…
i also hate smoke... i'm particular about this because nanay died of lung cancer.

smokers will learn only when they become sick.
HalfCrazy said…
Hmm, I have no idea how much one costs but I see a stall in SM Manila selling E-cigarettes. Pretty official.

Haha, when I hang out with my Professors, they smoke these e-ciggies in the faculty room.

Not a smoker myself. I hate having to die because of others. LOL.

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