Getting Dizzy Here

Okey, I'm getting really nervous now with a lot of stuffs. Things have been on and off, way too busy for me, work and more work, and an online work, and kids, and husband, and many other extras. I can barely breathe, but sometimes God works in many ways that you can only be happy of the things that arrive knocking at your doorstep.
  • My sister just got promoted as Labor and Employment Officer 2, and her post as Admin Aide 6 is vacant, since I have been on the eye for vacant positions, I couldn't stop asking myself if this is another sign for me to stay on and apply for her item. Truth be told, I have been making good with my performance and I know I still have a lot to prove. But then again, I cannot help thinking about the future. I need this work for my kids.
  • It's the kids 1st Pre-final exams this week, and I am just so tired to teach them anything. It is such a good thing that my kids pick up what I said being able to review before exams. I see them surrounded by books spread on the bed, and munching something while at it. So I guess, there is nothing to worry about kids.
  • Job fair yesterday turned out successful, but it was back-breaking. Too many applicants. And then, another job fair on Saturday. Gah! I want to rest!
  • Olds are pretty stressing me out. I cannot lie. The old man in our house is keeping my wits scattered, I couldn't pick it up.
  • Time to review again for another upcoming exam. Everytime you want a position in DOLE, you have to take their exam, and yes, I am in want of a position with the department because I feel I can do something for the country just because I am serving the government. And yes, I will review again.
  • And would you know, I am still waiting for the result of another exam I just took sometime May, ang tagal lumabas ng results.
I have a lot of things to tell you, but my time is really limited so I can only show you my present activities in bullets. Meanwhile, my kids will have to take a bow with these clay creativity they showed me. I bought the daughter a pack of modeling clay, and it was a great thing that they both enjoyed it. And take note, they did not fight! Haha. So there, take a bow, my kids.

Angry Birds! And they're kinda' addicted to it. Good thing is, I don't have time for it, so I didn't take the bait.


kayni said…
hang in there, sheng. i'm sure things will slow down for you soon. just don't forget to set aside time for "me" time.
kg said…
busyng busy ka nga sheng! don'r forget to rest, lest the stress takes a toll on your body! :)

tama ka, try to lessen the things you worry about, like your kids. mukha namang carry nila ang exams. :)
Eds said…
hi sheng, wag masyado magpastress. take time to relax. and goodluck sana makuha mo na ang position na gusto mong makuha jan sa DOLE.

lately, sobrang busy din namin dito. kahit sobrang masama na ang pakiramdam ko eh nahihiya naman akong mag absent dahil alam kung andaming kailangan tapusin.
docgelo said…
glad that despite you're stressed, a lot of blessings and simple pleasures continuously come your way. congratz to your sister, good luck and God bless you on your exams, and smiles to your kids! ang cute ng angry birds (di ako makarelate, i dont play it) and that red bug is really eye-catching! clap, clap, clap!

happy weekend, sheng!
jeanny said…
Sheng... pareho tayo sobrang buy pero pag weekend iniiwan ko na ang busyness sa work. kakaloka kasi.:-)

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