Harry Potter Fever

I already watched. I can't wait to see the last installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I skipped half a day at work just so I could spend some time with my husband and watch my most favorite series in a film story, and I watched in 3D.

When Harry Potter was published many years back, I already knew I will fall in love with it, and I went on collecting its books, and I have 6, I still have to buy Book 6 to complete my set. I wonder what can equal Harry Potter and his adventures. If there's one thing I love about it, there's magic and suspense and fiction all in one story.

I am also looking forward to Breaking Dawn, the first installment of the 2 parts of Stephenie Meyer's last book.

But you know what, I still have a long list of pending reads, and I just can't seem to touch it yet. Just today, I was able to finish a booklet/module for the Region's Wage Order, and there is more I need to learn and study with regards to my job. But no books!

Why do we feel like we are always running out of time? Hayyy...this puts me in a dilemma, a time dilemma. And I admit, I'm never getting any younger. I just look it.

Nakapanood ka na ba?


Unknown said…
the movie was really good. amazing how they made it stunning through the views and the scenes.
kg said…
loved the movie sheng. i am not that critical of movies, kaya naman i truly enjoyed it. :)
anney said…
Can't wait to watch this! kaya lang it's fully booked! I have to wait a week before we can watch.
Photo Cache said…
i haven't seen it yet. i always wait until the crowd thins out before i go watch :)
Eds said…
hindi pa din ako nakapanood.wait nalang ako ng dvd copy. saka mas excited ako sa breaking dawn eh
onyxx said…
like you, i'm glad i watched this film in 3D -- frankly it deserved no less. the director did a great job, and the cast was great. it was kind of bittersweet to say goodbye to this series but i'm ready to move on now... :)
Reena said…
i will miss hp!!! ang galing ng last movie pero i dont want to let go yet. haha

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