My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

I was really very flattered when I learned that somebody close to me wrote a post and nominated me to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011.

For many years that I have been handling this blog, I was not given any nomination at all, maybe because I am not qualified, that, or my blog is just too plain as it has been my personal blog. Haha! It was a challenge for me when I started Mother Instincts, a blog about motherhood, being a wife, a daughter, an office mate-friend and a mother-teacher to kids. I have become engrossed with mothering, and many other tasks, and getting into the family thing is what I have been doing for more than ten years now. Guess what? I am a busy mom too, with a day-job in the government service and a night-job online.

But despite all the time that's been eating up my 24/7, I still have time to blog,and read other people's blogs. Hence, my nomination for this year's Emerging Influential Blogs.

1. Mother Instincts - Of course I am voting for my very own blog. If you think I make good in informing you of many things a mother should know, please make a post about this Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and include me in your list. Here is the mechanics if you want to join.

2. Pinay Travelogue - A mother and a wife, I visit Nette's blog as often as I can. Pinay Travelogue is a series of posts about the sojourn of a mother, a photographer's wife and mother to her precious daughter, Bea.

3. Eat's Terrific - Sir Orman has been included in last year's Top 10, yet I find his new blog interesting. His posts on places where to eat and what's best to order and what's not to order in a specific restaurant is all together straight to the point. Eat's Terrific makes a terrific blog and that's why he tops in my list.

4. I Am Ariel Lalisan - His blogs make me smile, makes me cry, makes me laugh. I wish I could write as good as this guy can.

5. Kikay Much - I am not one who is into cosmetics and beautifying myself. I feel that I already am beautiful even without makeup. But don't get me wrong, I am envious of people who can do makeup to their faces. Putting colors and taking care of the outward appearance is what makes her blog interesting for me. I wanna learn to be kikay, as much as possible.

6. General Joana - I think she deserves to be recognized in the blogosphere. She's just one cool writer, and I love her wits and style in hosting. You should visit her blog!

7. Jinky's Kitchen World - I always make it a point that I visit her blog because I can learn many things. Ate Jinky is a mother and a busy government employee at the same time. Although we are in the same office, we do not talk much because of our busy activities, and different lines of work. I still visit her two blogs, and I learn.

8. Bookworm of Gensan - How can I forget, Sir Gilbert is one guy who amazes me because of his full house collection of books in almost all topics in the world. I imagine myself in a library when I get to see him in his house filled with books. The library we have in the city is not even close to all his precious collections. A good review of the books he reads, he posts in his blog called Bookworm of Gensan. What I most love with his attitude is the way he encourages children and other people to read and continue learning.

There, these are my choices, I will just have to update soon if in case I will add more. Thanks to the people who founded this contest. It makes our blogs more familiar, if not popular, to other blog visitors and in the entire blogosphere. This contest is made possible by the following:


docgelo said…
congratz again, sheng for being nominated! will try to check out the blogs that made it to your list.

have a great week ahead!
God bless.
jeanny said…
congrats Sheng!

Happy Weekend!
jeanny said…
Typo...Happy New Week pla! churi :)
BlogusVox said…
ditto, sheng. Congrats for the nomination.
onyxx said…
thanks, i'll check out some of these blogs. :)
Envy Me Salon said…
Thank you te sheng :)
bertN said…
dong ho said…
good luck sa mga na nominate.
cebumd said…
Can you consider either of my 2 blogs, sheng? is a unique blend of information regarding health and events in Cebu and in the medical community and aims to provide inspiration and know-how to polycystic kidney disease patients on how to cope with the disease. Thank you and more power!
jinky said…
thank you, sheng!
lynette g. said…
havent said my thank-yous yet.. so thanks a million sheng! :)
Hi Sheng. This is to mark your entry as complete. Thank you for joining the writing project.

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