Paraiso Verde is Man-made Paradise

I grew up in Brgy. Morales and when we were younger, we never expected the city to grow like it is today, very nice and already industrialized, with tall buildings and 3 major malls. Koronadal City seemed like a barrio when we were young, it was not even a city yet but a municipality. But it now has sprung into a beautiful place where night life can already be experienced and where bars and other places lively are to be discovered.

Brgy. Morales was a silent place, it was once a rural area where agriculture and farming has been the ideal daily living of people, well, even until now, there are still some places where you can see farm and agricultural areas being planted by rice and corn. Even my Dad still has a huge garden of vegetables in Brgy.Morales.

But our barangay has been very blessed and accompanying the blessing along with it is the grand Paraiso Verde, a huge wave-pool that has just opened last July 16. Thankfully, with the free tickets I won from GandaEverSoMuch, and with kids in tow, husband and I were able to experience the beautiful and grandiose Paraiso Verde.

Very much for the kids and adults alike, this paradise is located just a trike's ride away from where I grew up with my parents, and I never imagined it to be like this. Waves when there is not a beach nearby, and salt-less water without stinging the eyes, this is man-made paradise.

Paraiso Verde's huge Moby Wave Pool

Kids enjoying in the Wiggles Kiddies Pool with lots of slides and fun wet activity area

Biboy enjoying the slides

Tabebs enjoying the dropping water

And us enjoying the fun and laughter of other people.

Paraiso Verde's rates are very affordable, at P250 for adults and P180 for kids 2-4 ft tall, you get to experience all the water amenities the resort offers. There's the Adventura River Rapids, the Wiggles Kiddies Pool, the Freestyle Pool for swimmers and those aiming for the olympics, and of course, the Moby Wave Pool for beach bums who cannot bear to take the ride to Gensan City and enjoy the salty waters.

Experience the waves, even if there is not a beach in sight! Tayo na sa Paraiso Verde!


jeanny said…
the place looks great. :-)

Pag dumalaw ako sa inyo pasyal mo ko dyan ha :-)
docgelo said…
with all the smiles from your family, that resort is indeed a paradise! libre pa kayo ha! wow!!!
upto6only said…
ganda nga. i wish i can visit Davao again tas tour mo ako dyan :)
dong ho said…
i wish ive seen it as youve mentioned about it being a barrio. but it's nice to know too that progress is coming in.
Joyce said…
i would love to go here! :) better than 9 waves. :)
Eds said…
wow! the place looks great. sarap naman jan.
Ria Jose said…

Glad you had fun! :)

Paraiso Verde <3

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