Spend Less, or Nothing at All

Most of us have more than what we need already. I believe this. Sometimes we only buy the things we buy because of want and not because of need.

Me, I tend to limit and save up. But there are times when I crave for food, and kids ask us to buy this and that, and I see things in the mall that I think I need and I end up adding them to my shopping cart.

For me, there is this gnawing feeling of wanting to save more money. First reason is that we need to save up for emergency funds which the husband and I do not have. We only have some small savings that we sometimes tend to withdraw because of some lack of finances and never get to refill once we get some extra income. Everything about our family is budgeted, and we always remember to put the top things in priority like the house we have been paying for five years already, there's still twenty more years and that makes the second reason. Ugh!

So this time, I promised myself to spend less, or nothing at all this coming days. It will be a huge challenge for me. I will only buy what are the basic needs of the family and not to spend on some stuffs unimportant. This means no trips to the malls, not even for reason of people-watching because even if I just go there to people-watch, I still end up digging my pocket for some soda or ice cream cones. Ugh!

I will practice frugality and try my very best in practicing this for a month of trial and more, until I get to save much.

I will discipline myself to buying only the basic like fish and meats and milk and bread, and therefore, no chocolates. Ugh!

Just thinking of this makes me sweaty already. For a month, I will try my best to only have the essentials and I won't stock up in advance.

I will have to spend less, or maybe nothing at all, except for fare, basic foods and will not dig my pocket for any extra even if I have been wanting that white polo-shirt with an Azkals logo in the mall. Darn.

Big challenge, so wish me luck on my intentions. Haha! Kayanin ko kaya?


bertN said…
Probably easier said than done but I wish you luck.
sheng said…
@BertN: I wish myself some luck too! Haha!
liezl said…
join ako sa spend less challenge mo sheng :) i just finished making a list of our monthly expenses ganiha ug naloka ang beauty nako. dapat tipid mode na karon, padulong na baya ang pasko :)
jeanny said…
goodluck Sheng. I know kaya mo yan :-)
HalfCrazy said…
Oh yes, I know very well what you're talking about. We tend to go for impulse buys.

When I was getting money from my parents, I would spend my money like crazy. But now that I'm earning my own money, I save up my money like the next minute will be a rainy day.

That challenge is very very hard for someone like me who's in College. I'd probably spend it on bars, clothes, and whatever.

I'm sure you can do it! I believe the housing loan that you have is the biggest problem because that one is long term. I sure hope you don't have credit cards.
Eds said…
goodluck sheng! kaya mo yan. at kapag nagawa mo for the 1st month, pa ice cream ka ha. hehehe. joke lang!
Cidy said…
Of course kayang-kaya mo yan Sheng =) Join ako sa challenge na yan-haha!
docgelo said…
i agree with bert! madaling sabihin pero (para sa akin) ang hirap gawin. sheng, pls do me a favor, infect me to be frugal and practical too. ang hirap magtipid kasi ang daming (basic) gastos!
Mimi said…
I've also struggled with saving until someone advised me to set aside a small amount every month in an account that's difficult to access. Somehow, you always manage with what is there. And having the money kept somewhere 'inconvenient' decreases the chances of spending it.

Good luck!
Unknown said…
challenge nga talaga to. pero parang gusto ko tong masubukan. kaya lang anong buwan??? lol.
SunnyToast said…
Goodluck Sheng...I really want to try this one...such a great inspiration....I agree with you we should only buy our needs.

Pero ang tanong kaya ko kaya 2! joskow!

Happy blogging:)
onyxx said…
if you make it through 1 month without a single purchase, let me know because i could really use this kind of advice :)
Photo Cache said…
good luck. it's harder to say no to kids you know.
Reena said…
sana magawa ko din ito sheng! haha. ang dami ko ring gastos actually. :) goodluck!!!!
e[k]stranghero said…
kaya mo yan. :-) pag nafifeel mo na hindi mo kaya... sulat ka lang kaagad ng post. pang-divert ng attention. hehehe.

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