Hypertension Alert

Last Thursday, after I had my interview in Koronadal City, I placed an appointment with my eye doctor at 10am for the reason that my eyes seems to be blurry at times for what cause I do not understand. I proceeded to the clinic an hour after I delivered my most gruesome answers to the interview.

It was only a short walk from the DOLE regional office so I had to just lazily bring my steps towards the clinic. When I was assisted, the clinic assistant took my BP and I was surprised at how high it was. 160/120. I just smiled and told her maybe I should rest because I just walked and it was a HOT day and that I was actually just grilled because of the interview and that may be the reason for the high BP.

The assistant told me to just take my time and rest and she will have to check on me after a few minutes. It took her 20 to get back to me and took my BP again, this time, not a slight slide back, still 160/120. I saw the doctor after that and the doctor eventually, after all the eye tests, told me that I can still read with my two eyes and still has 20/20 vision, but the thing with my eyes which makes it a bit blurry at times may be because of the high BP which is of course, not normal at all.

She gave me a tablet to take and told me to be back at 1:30 in the afternoon for another test. The lunch break with sisters seemed a lot refreshing and relaxing and I took the medicine and I went back in the afternoon with all hopes that my BP will be back to normal, but lo and behold, It went down. Yes, it did. But only to a slight slide, 150/110.

The eye doctor asked me to see a dietician that very same hour, and then we had to read through less-salt diet and I should not stress myself too much because, as the dietician said, there are quite too many young deaths lately because of stress.

I felt bad, because I am a happy person and I work hard to get to my dreams. I am a person who do not allow stress to swallow me, but yes, I can say, the past weeks has been crazy and maybe, the doctor and dietician were right, I am stressed and that's causing me my high BP. I am a young professional now, with a maintenance for hypertension. Ugh. I feel very well, and in the pink of health, but this time around, i will surely miss this:

Dad's home-cooked lechon!


bertn said…
I can live with a systolic of 160, plus or minus whatever; a systolic of 120 is worrisome. What have you been doing lately? Relax lang! Life goes on regardless of problems - hang on to your health, everything else comes second, unless you want to join your ancestors prematurely. Btw, leave the litchon to me, I'll take the cholesterol bullet for you LOL.
liezl said…
i hate hypertension...i have it for 11 yrs now and it killed my mama :( but nwey, naa-accept ko na sya now. healthy living na lng talaga and follow the doctor. sino dietician mo sheng? i plan to see one kay wala gyud koy disiplina baya sa kaon. pm me na lng sa fb ha..thanks :)
dong ho said…
tiyaga na lang muna para sa kalusugan. ako din llatelypuyat at pagod. take some rest and yes... less on fat-rich food
Anonymous said…
I am 32 now and has been in BP meds since age 26. The meds helps a lot but diet and exercise should be able to do it...but if you do not have time for it, Meds will take care of it for you. Me, I take the meds... because I love to eat...screw the stress...hahaha.

Stress is part of our life, but it will only affects your BP is you do not have the correct outlet for it. Exercise should be the best outlet but because food is usually less tiresome and more rewarding when you feel you are full, it has become our go to guy when we are stressed.

Still, we all need to balance our life... meds or diet/exercise; we still need to enjoy life.

Good luck with your battle.Wish you the best!

Gensan Boi
docgelo said…
sorry to hear this sheng. seriously, i'm sad to know that you're taking bp lowering agents at such a young age (i mean you're younger than me,right?)... hala, wala ng lechon! it's one of my peborits and sorely missed food on the planet!

seriously, take care of your health. make regular follow ups and monitor your bp always.
Photo Cache said…
take care. you're far too young for this disease. take it easy.
Lainy said…
I am sorry to hear we are on the same boat now, Sheng.

I was diagnosed to have hypertension in 2009 during the tedious preparation of May 10, 2010 Elections. It was a little hard to accept at first. I had to keep watch of my food intake at all times kasi ayoko magmaintain ng meds. It worked for me pero minsan ang temptation laging andyan lalo na pag kaharap na ang mga paborito kong pagkain, nyahahaha!

Anyways, it takes real determination and discipline to be healthy. I could only hope for consistency.

Be well! See yah!

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