My 2 Cents on Corporal Punishment

We already have the Anti- Child Abuse Law under RA 7610. I do not understand why this new one of Anti-Corporal Punishment for Children should get into the picture.

I have not read any material regarding this yet, but I totally am not into it. A friend of mine posted this on her FB and I totally agree:

"When a growing child repeatedly misbehaves, there's no room for peace-talks and diplomatic arrangements... A corporal punishment is more applicable than anything else.

It's not as if you are going to correct the mistake by killing the child or maiming him/her, or even slapping on the face, or using the belt by hitting them because that may already constitute child abuse. What happens if your child talks back at you, and throws something out at you because of tantrum attacks which so many kids are most capable of doing? You are just going to give the child a dose of her own medicine, right? And after that, explain why you have given the spank. Rather than talking sweetly to your child, I think it best that you apply a little pinch, or spank. Badmouthing to the child is a no-no but you can at least express your feelings by imposing a little anger at the wrong the child did.

This may not be the case in several countries, but I think the debate should stop right now. Parents surely know how they should discipline their children, and making them feel so LOVED by not touching them with a slight degree of pain even when they are wrong is somewhat disengaging, to me as a parent, and I guess to many of you who are and will soon be parents too.

I don't know, but "Spare the rod and spoil the child", was it King Solomon who said that? And it's what I believe.


Grace de Castro said…
i know spanking is a controversial topic for many parents, and most of us has widely varying opinions on this. but i do believe that a little spanking does good to children, just enough to get a point across. ako i also spank my daughter, yung papalo palo sa pwet..ganun. he he. and i make it a point to explain why im doing it. kami nung bata kami ng mga kapatid ko, pinapalo din kami. and we turned out alright. basta di naman bugbug sarado yung bata. anf you're right sheng, we have the child abuse law for that.

also, imagine the "power" that children would have knowing na di sila pwede paluin or kurutin...he he!
docgelo said…
you have a point, sheng.
ang i think responsible parents know how to inculcate discipline properly to their kid/s.
BlogusVox said…
I agree to a degree. Corporal punishment should be implemented by parents to straighten an out-of-line child. But I don't agree when teachers do the same by hitting a child's hand with a stick or ruler.

Anyway, nakukuha naman sa tingin ang anak ko eh.
lynette g. said…
good point sheng. as pinoys its also part of our culture in raising our children with the occasional spanking to get a point across. but of course usually that comes with an explanation bakit napapalo sila. and not to the extent naman na bugbog sarado na ang bata. i cant imagine raising a kid the same way other cultures (like americans for example). in fairness, us when we were kids, we were far more well mannered than our american counterparts diba? and we all turned out well naman. the thing is if it ain't broken why fix it diba? i dont get this new law.
onyxx said…
we have so many overlapping regulations -- we often lose sight of the fact that the problem lies in the IMPLEMENTATION of these laws. what's the use of passing up so many legislative bills if we can't even follow through a simple rule like jaywalking? just sayin' :)

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