Say No

Sometimes, we are facing too many problems that the best word we can utter amidst these problems is NO.

We can say NO, to second-hand smoke, to negativity-emitting people. We can say NO to meats which we know can make us fat, we can say NO to Coke. We can say NO to debts, and we can improve our lives by saying NO to the many negative things we think can damage us.

We can say NO to a boss who seems to focus to only one person's performance, to somebody who thinks you are invisible, and to people whom you think are users.

We can say NO to negative issues, we can do better than entertaining them. We can fix our lives by saying NO to stress, to depression, to ice cream, and even to negative thoughts. we can say NO to chocolates, to rice, to many things undeserving of our attention.

We can say NO to many things. Who knows, saying NO is the one word that can save you.



onyxx said…
*sigh* if only it's as simple as saying NO... it only works if the other person can see your viewpoint. but in ways where we can actually manipulate the outcome (personal decisions), YES it does :)
kayni said…
i absolutely agree. i say NO to stress.
docgelo said…
saying No to a lot of negative things and to those positive ones but with limitations and restrictions is such a healthy habit.
Grace de Castro said…
apir! NO to negative vibes!
Ibyang said…
this year, i learned the value of saying "No"...i'm a person who easily gives in to favors even if i'm already sacrificing a lot of from my end and realized that it's wrong. so one of my resolutions this year was to learn how to say "No" and i think i'm doing it pretty well.

nice reflection, sheng.

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