Tired. Good Tired,.

4 days including the weekend and we already call it the long weekend, but it is not as long as you thought it is. You see, it just zoomed by. And I already miss it.

July and August have been very good months for me, and I am considering 2011 as a year of blessings for me and my family, more so for me personally. The 4 days of no work, and nothing to think of, seemed so short a time for me and my family. So at a friend's invitation, last Monday, we headed to the beach with some friends. We were there from 8 till 3 in the afternoon, but I swear, it was a superb weekend. We left all troubles at home, thought nothing but food, bonded with kids and friends, and we counted nothing but the blessings that came our way.

It was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, and it was then that i enjoyed the sea breeze and slept at the grass with my mat spread on it. What glorious day.

But it's September now, and I can only wish for more relaxing days. But then again, I have so much in my hands now, and more coming. But I thank God for all of these, it makes me tired, but it makes me good tired.

How did you you spend your long weekend?


Eds said…
wow! nakapagbeach pa kayo. samantalang dito sa manila sobrang lakas ng ulan at hangin from saturday to monday. but it's ok kasi nagstay lang naman ako sa bahay with my daughter. bonding time and review time kasi malapit na ang examination nila.
mordsith said…
oh, sheng! i just answered your question even before i read it. haha.

i've been very busy. i know you've been too. so this last long weekend was a relief. im waiting for sembreak and christmas already. =)
SunnyToast said…
I was able to visit our home sa cavite then had dinner with friends at kahit ano ano lang....hahaha

But I love the idea of being busy it only means that blessing are over pouring:)

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