Changes, Changes

I have been looking forward to this weekend, not only because I can rest easy but because I can be with the kids the whole day and not bother about waking up so early for a trip to work. I have set a special time for the family today and we hope to fit in the day some shopping spree because I just need a lot of things to use for in my new office which can also be found at custom keychains if only I had more moolah in my online account. I need something new in my closet too.

You see, I am a simple person, I can go to the office with just my jeans and a shirt on, a pair of flats and without the makeup. But that seems to be off as of the moment with my new role as the Regional Director's secretary, I must at least be able to wear more presentable clothes other than shirts and maybe some pumps with heels and really good jeans to pair with the blouses and working clothes I will have to buy. I am dealing with really high and classy visitors of my boss, so I must at least look decent if not pretty, or maybe more human that what i used to look.

Well, that's of course after I had a new do, I had my hair cut last week to prep up for my sister's wedding. I hated the way I saw myself parading in my sister's wedding ceremony with the bun, so I took a whole lot of guts to have it differently. And I liked it.

The old hairdo, the way I normally wear my hair.

The new one, no bun!

Well, it's a welcoming change, and slowly but surely, people who see me as dressing up like my husband will see changes in my looks, but not my personality, in my total presentation of myself but not in my dealings with other people. I will still be the same jolly and friendly sHenG you have all known to be.


BlogusVox said…
Wow, sheng. Ganda ng new look mo.
Gilbert Yap Tan said…
looking good is good looking! Buns are for siopaos! :)
bertN said…
Wow! Amazing what a change in hairdo can do.
kg said…
ganda mo sheng! :)
marian said…
I like your new look. Hope to see you again :)
SunnyToast said…
I love your new look! Ganda:) pak!
lynette g. said…
love the new kikay you! :)
docgelo said…
wow, sheng! *dropped jaw*
i'm sure your husband and the kids love the new you too!
dong ho said…
whoa! yan ang bagong sheng.
mordsith said…
sheng, bagay!!!

na-promote ka pala! congrats! =)

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