Dying Young

Lately, there have been a lot of news on the TV, young girl died because of suicide due to a breakup. 26 year old guy killed himself after girlfriend broke up with him. Teenager jumping out of a running bus because of depressed state from dengue and bad education.

Why all these things have been running around in the news is something I think is a serious case of depression among our youths. And for me, dying at such a young age, taking their lives is just as pathetic and unworthy.

I am not really very affected with this, but I see it as something serious that the government should seek into. Depression. Why our younger generation seem to be so affected with damaged lovelife and other causes is a challenge too for parents out there who have young ones in the family. I think they should know when their children are suffering from depression so they could at least prevent suicides and other pathetic things the young could do to himself or to others just because of a breakup or something undeserving of a life.

If a loved one is going through a life episode that seems very difficult to handle, it is high time to offer support. These depression causes may have been triggered by many events in their life and the thought of suicide seems to be the only answer to end the difficulty. But taking your own life is not the answer, or even killing someone because of hatred.

Here are some signs of depression that may lead to suicide which parents must observe with their children or members of the family.

* loss of appetite and sleep
* isolation and being prone to accident
* running away from home
* drug or alcohol abuse
* giving away personal priced possessions
* drop in school grades and performance
* dramatic change in looks
* shortened attention span
* self-criticism
* self-pity
* interest in death, writes messages of self-destruction
* sexual promiscuity
* gang membership

Sometimes, we hear people they want to die, and because we know the person too well, we do not take it seriously. But sometimes, what we hear is not a joke, it is self pronouncement that there is something wrong with the person and needs help.

Parents and friends should be able to help these people with depression, talking to them and letting them open up their problems is a good start. Listen to them. Offer resolutions. And if the depression continues, urge the person to seek medical or professional help.

We may not be directly affected with these matters because we have proven as good support for our kids, but who knows what they are going through? Be observant.

It is sad when we hear other parents complain about their kids' behaviors. And sometimes, we know, yet we do not take them seriously. And the last thing we know, it is too late.

I don't want to hear these kind of news on the television, I am saddened by what I hear. I hope this brings a realization to us, dying young is not an answer to difficult problems.

If we have big problems, always know, that we have a much greater god.


kg said…
you're right sheng, we just let comments like "i want to die" pass and think of it as a joke or that the person is not serious. but there's the possibility he or she is. so we have to be vigilant.

i had a room mate before who's suicidal. she even had a suicied note written already. talagang on our toes kami lagi.

i've always believed that those who committed suicide were already out of their minds.
bertNB said…
How about those who are dying old? It is about time for them, anyway! They are actually behind schedule! I don't know. All I know is you have a compassionate heart. May your tribe increase!

Btw, your new hairdo should make your husband worry a bit. If it doesn't, either he knows you are an angel or he has a chick on the side that you don't know. I'm just kidding....please don't kill me or if you do, gently.....LOL.

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