Enjoying the Daily Bus Rides, Yes and NO

It's actually a hassle for me to be preparing for very early morning trips to where I work, considering that I have been working my whole life in General Santos City, and now, after more than 10 years, I will be back to my hometown, away from my family, and on a daily basis of commuting to work and back to my loved ones in the afternoon. It's a total sacrifice. However, I would love to do this every now and then since I think I am already enjoying the commute and the people I get to meet inside the bus are the same people I meet everyday, all of hustling to get a vacant seat so as to not get late, and feeling laid back in the afternoon going home. We are all the same faces, well, almost.

However, this defeats the primary purpose I have been working, and that is to save. I just couldn't save if I spend P200 on my daily fares, that means a thousand too after a whole week and P4000 in a month. My salary is not that big to enjoy this daily ride, but I sure want to get home to my family as much as possible.

So here's the plan. I have my parents in Koronadal City, and I am thinking I could at least save up if I go to work on Mondays, bring my overnight stuffs and back to Gensan Tuesday, Wednesday morning to Koronadal City, then back on Thursday night. A return trip during Fridays will do. That saves me P1000 already, or this: Monday - Koronadal. Stay there until Wednesday afternoon then back to Gensan. Thursday morning - Koronadal, back on Friday afternoon. This saves me P2000.

Hah, I can save, well, yes, but I will be missing my two kiddoes and the bed snuggles with my honey. But then again, this is better than really wasting time and fare, right? Now, I am thinking how other people very much away from their families are feeling?

I also have to commute in going to the bus station since we already sold the car because we can no longer handle the auto repair needed to make it run. We are saving up for a new one. Hopefully, soon. Maybe one that will not make the husband get stressed by continuous visits to San Francisco Car Shop.

Commuting is not a daily whine for me, in fact, I thank God for the protection and the safe trips I get, but hopefully soon, if the Lord will grant me my request, and if it is not too much to ask yet, may I be transferred to General Santos City, pretty please?

Who's commuting here? What do you think of your daily rides?


prinsesamusang said…
i guess you just have to choose which one is important. seeing the family or the money. but i guess you can have both by adopting the plans you mentioned. but you know what bugs me most about this, the associated discomfort of commuting everyday! i for one do not like it!
Lawstude said…
back in cabanatuan, i had the comfort of having a driver who fetch me up to and from work.

pero dito sa manila, i have to drive to work on a very congested road, and sometimes, mas gusto ko pa talaga magbus para makatulog sa biyahe.

i enjoy riding the bus din kaso hassle talaga pag punuan kasi nakatayo talaga. :)
bursky said…
i can so relate to this!!! i spend 3 to 3.5 hours of my daily life commuting. it's a pain on the pockets and on me. waking up so early just to get to work on time. stressful talaga! trying to see the feasibility of owning a motorcycle to save money+time din. kaso kailangan muna ako pa-dagdag sa driver's license ko. >.< ingat on the road and hope your plan works!
kg said…
i miss commuting, and every once in awhile, i do wish i commute to work, lalo na pag antok na! he he! i do commute at times, para makatipid.

ang hirap when you take budget into consideration ano? but i trust you will be able to think of what is best for you and your family.

miss you sheng!
docgelo said…
tina and i are commuters even abroad. tell me about waiting, running and catching the bus to and from the office, haha; we're experts on that, hehe...
seriously, you have to weigh things on what would do you best. there will be some sacrifices of course but the benefits will be sweeter in the end (sigh, easier said than done!). good luck, sheng and happy commuting!

PS : I understand how it feels to miss a child when you're away at work.
SunnyToast said…
I miss riding in a bus heading to work...ngyn kc nilalakad ko lang lapit lang house ko dito sa work e....ang na miss ko yong mga moment kung saan habang nakasakay ako at isip isip ng kahit ano-ano:) ka miss yon!

then yong dadaan muna ako sa fave shake ko bago ako sasakay..hast:)
jeanny said…
Hugs sis. I know your decision whatever it is will be the best for you and your family.

I go to work ng nag cocommute din. I got two options, MRT and bus. Mas cheaper and Mrt kaso ang problema, naka stress ang mag MRT. ang hirap sumakay at ang hirap din lumabas ng train pag rush hour. Then minsan pag minalas pa, masisira ang train at mapupuno ang tao sa station. Kaka stress talaga. Kaya sa umaga I took the bus going to my work. It's around 1 hour bus ride. wala lang nakwento ko lang :-)

Musta ka na pla sis. I miss u.
bertN said…
I hope you get transferred to a branch or regional office closer to your home, before the enthusiasm for your work wanes due to the expensive and time consuming daily commute.

I've been there, but I was lucky I got transferred to a district office that cut my commute time from 2 hours to less than half an hour before I could tell my boss he can take my job and shove it.
Photo Cache said…
I drive to work everyday. It takes an hour to go to work, but I drive. Honestly if there is a straight bus or train that goes to my work from where I live I would commute.

I drive in horrible traffic everyday. But the presence of traffic on the roadways mean people have jobs to go to kaya tiis.

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