My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is so near, I can feel the cold morning breeze each time I wake up in the wee hours. I can so smell Christmas. This 2011 has been more generous and kind to me, I passed the Civil Service Professional Exams and I got hired in the government for a regular post. What more can I ask for?

Well, I have been very thankful about all the goodness life has been with me, and I am thankful for those who prayed with me to achieve what I desired. All those desires were actually for the future of my kids, I have asked God to bless me with those gifts because I am thinking of my kids' future and my family. This time, my Christmas wish list includes only material things for myself. I hope Santa hears me and reads this so he could wrap something that's written in my Christmas wish list and drop it in my doorstep.

1. An e-book reader. I don't care what brand it is for as long as I can read, most especially while waiting for the bus to run in my going to and fro home and office.

2. A makeup kit. Haha, seriously. I want to put some colors on my face too. Not because I am feeling vain already but this time, I think my work requires that I dab some colors on my face because every now and then, I have to be presentable to my boss' guests in the office.

3. A new lady's backpack. Well, I am not really into bags but since I go to the office and travels almost everyday, a huge one will be very good for me. One that I can just dump all my things and even my office uniform after being sweat-infused because of our Monday and Wednesday aerobics in the office.

That's just about it for now. I am praying for all these three to come visit me this Christmas, but if it doesn't, I'll settle with some chocolate goodness and some Pringles. Haha.


onyxx said…
for a dedicated e-Book reader, i would wish for someone to give you the latest Kindle, which has been earning raves from customers and industry critics alike.

failing that, maybe an iPad 2. who knows, this could come true. at any rate, i am wishing you and your family an awesome Christmas :)
mordsith said…
yoohoo! Santa!!! nagpaparinig na si sheng. =)
marian said…
i want an ebook reader too or a tablet :D. nice wishlist hope you get them all :D
kg said…
matagl ko na din gusto ng kindle! hehe! :)

make up? nice one sheng!

i think i have to make my own list!
SunnyToast said…
I hope santa will hear your wishes...same tayo with the ebook reader:)
dong ho said…
an e-book reader. thatll definitely be a great gift. sana nga matatanggap mo tong mga to sheng. nababasa naman ni ric to. lol
Eds said…
yehey! christmas na. goodluck on your wishlist sana ibigay ni santa sayo lahat yan.ako din, gusto ko ng ebook reader...
docgelo said…
i hope i can play santa clause to you, sheng or at least a magical genie for me to grant your wishes! nonetheless, let's keep those dreams alive and who knows, a box or two may be reach your doorsteps in no time. ho ho ho! I wish! hahaha!


ps : sosyalin ang first wish! cerebral too! :)

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