A Healthier 2012 for Moi

These arrived in the office yesterday, and there are actually two more equipment I do not know what they are called but all of them for office use, err, for employees' use. Haha. Of course I am excited to use them. For once, I have never been to a gym, second, I want to slash off these belly fats, and hopefully get a slimmer figure.

A slim figure or a sexy body is what most of us want, especially for married women. Admit it or not, we married women get insecure when we see young ladies with their perfect Coca-Cola bodies, and we do not want to look like we are vying for the Biggest Loser in the World, right?

This Christmas, the department has been gifted with gym equipment for our physical fitness use, this means free gym workouts, and hopefully a productive and healthy physical state for all of us in 2012.

I will have to spend some time on these machines too, why not. I have to shed off, and be healthy. So for 2012, I promise to use these gym equipment as regularly as possible!

Probably a sexier ME when you come and visit Gensan and decide to meet up! Teehee!


kayni said…
go sheng!
marian said…
wow lets go go go. i need to exercise to buti pa ofc nyo at may gym equipments na.
Rence said…
I wish my ganyan din sa office namin.

sheng said…
@kayni: We will do it dear, we need to stay healthier!

@marian: I miss you dear, i hope to become like your slim body is when we meet next time.

@rence: I will pray for your wish to come true.
BlogusVox said…
Walking or running in the park beats a threadmill run. In my case, "determination" ang kulang sa akin.

Have a healthy and sexy figure in 2012, sheng!
Wow! That is one cool office you've got! If I were you, I'd go early to the office, do a 15-minute run each morning (for starters), shower, and start the day fresh and energized. You'd be amazed at the high that you can get from running...once your body gets used to it after you get past the initial aches and pains. Alternatively, a quick run during lunch break would be a good pick-me-up to prevent drowsiness in the afternoon ;)
sheng said…
@Blogusvox: I will have a sexier figure this 2012, i claim it.

@Mimi: Hi there, i'm making it one of my resolutions for this 2012, the other one is to lessen my tardiness. I always get at least 30 minutes off my Mondays because of my late trips from Marbel and Gensan, back and forth to work.
kg said…
gusto ko din ng ganyan. kailangan ko na yan! hehe!

sana magkaganyan din sa office...para libre gamit! hehe!
bertN said…
Threadmill is a good substitute for walking or running outdoor, especially when it is raining hard or the temperature is either too hot or too cold. I'm sure your hubby will be happier to see a healthier and sexier you in 2012.
dyosa said…
Go for it! As they say, Fitness is Fashion :D
sheng said…
@KG: Thanks dear! Sana nga meron din sa office ninyo para lahat tayo healthy!

@BertN: Sana nga maging makatotohanan ang mga sinasabi mo sir Bert!

@dyosa: Fitness is fashion, if I could only be more fashionable pa sana. Hehehe... Thanks guys!
Ibyang said…
enjoy your gym! buti pa kayo...sana kami rin magkaroon ng mini gym sa office.

i also want to have a healthier body in 2012, i've been slacking lately. good luck to us!
jeanny said…
I think that 2nd machine is an orbitrack. We have that at home and Im starting to use it again :)

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