My bet for 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers' Choice

If you have noticed on the upper right corner of my template, I just got myself a badge as winner for the Philippine Blog Awards as "Best Personal Blog" and much thanks goes to my friend, Nanardz for nominating this simple blog of mine. I am grateful that this blog got noticed and even adjudged as one of the best from out of 15 which got filtered from out of the many nominations.

This time though the Philippine Blog Awards is giving out more awards and one of them is the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers' Choice. And so this post is considered a vote for the best.

If there is one person I admire because of his many advocacies, from preserving Mother Nature to promoting tourism in his province and many other advocacies, that is Nanardz of South Cotabato Tambayan. I am also a member of the Tambayan which I enjoy being a member of because of the many things I learn about my hometown, Koronadal and the whole province.

Nanardz deserves to be noticed, and South Cotabato Tambayan deserves to win the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice. As such, my congratulations and kudo's to the mind behind this great tambayan of South Cotabateños all over the world.

Way to go, Nanardz!


Lawstude said…
congratulations sheng. a gem of a person inside and out. glad to have met a friend down south :)
sheng said…
@Lawstude, thank you, thank you. I hope to see you once again!
dong ho said…
good luck sa mga nominated sa category na to. havent checked all the nominees yet.
nanardxz said…
thanks maam sheng... go South Cotabato! :)
mordsith said…
wow sheng! congrats. this blog's well deserving. =)
onyxx said…
wow, that's great sheng. your efforts have really paid off. keep it keep :)
kg said…
galing mo sheng! idol kita! :)

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