One Heck of a Crazy Week that Was

Ok, let me tell you just what happened the past week. It was crazy, really crazy. It was a good thing I was so up and sound and thinking and I did not panic, and I was strong. It was a good thing I have faith in the greater forces that was helping me out all through it.

Thursday, Dec. 1 - MIL called to tell me Tatay Pete, husband's uncle was hospitalized for fits of cough. Diagnosis: PTB. Out: Dec. 3

Monday, Dec. 4 - I went to Koronadal City on Monday and we had to practice for the cheering contest which I and an officemate was assigned to lead, Tuesday was the day of the contest and the opening of the 78th Anniversary of DOLE of which all of us were enjoined.

So Tuesday came, and we had to perform. The cheering went well, but of course, with only a day of practice and no costume to set us good for the competition, we only got the 2nd place. But all things went well, still. We were cheering for our players until at 2pm, I was able to have a chance to get the ATM pin from Landbank which I immediately withdrew a larger cash because I wanted to transfer to another bank we personally maintained in Gensan.

I was already back in the office being busy with my other tasks when at 4pm, the MIL called telling me she rushed the husband to the hospital for he can no longer breathe. I immediately grabbed my ready bags and rushed to see our HR to seek permission if I could take a leaver the following day.

That trip back to Gensan was the longest trip I ever had, I was praying that the driver would rush so I could see my husband. And soon enough, I was able to arrive at the hospital, shaking, I saw him hooked to an oxygen tube and with an IV and a nebulizer on the side. It was the worst case of asthma for him. Ric has never had a bad case other than fits of cough and measured breathing but one which can always be relieved by medication and Vicks. This was his first time to be confined for medical attention.

I was so scared for him, it hurt me seeing him with measured breathing, it pained me to see him hooked to so much tubes and so pale and so weak. but I braved everything, I braved even the sleep in the hospital, or the lack of it. I chose to be with him even when I wanted to go home and be with the kids because we lack some time together. And after two visits from the doctor, we were discharged last Thursday, Dec. 8. And remember that cash I withdrew prior to this incident? It went directly to payment for the hospital bill. It was a good thing we were ready with the cash. We did not have to look for the source, it was God-given. It seemed everything was in a designed plan, and we took its design, unknowingly preparing for it.

Ric's diagnosis was not PTB, thank goodness. I would be scared as hell if it were, not for me, not for him but for the kids. His was a bad case of asthma and what triggered it was their trip to Datal Salvan where he got some photo shots of the kids there.

Everything is better now, husband is better now. After we were sent home from the hospital, I brought my kids to their pediatrician for a preventive treatment/medication for TB. Ric's uncle is staying with us for the meantime that he is recuperating but he will soon be brought to Malungon where there are no children there to be contaminated by his illness. He is currently under 2 months medication program. Right now, we are being very careful, we are putting up a great borderline for our protection because PTB is not a joke, it is a serious case. I want the uncle to be transferred immediately to Malungon, but I cannot just instruct hubby's folks as they are already sensitive with their feelings, but I already talked with MIL about it, she is just waiting for the perfect timing. I just hope it is soon.

As for the husband, he is fine now with fits of cough still, but he can easily breathe now with his nebulizer on his pocket most of the time now.

Friday, Dec. 9 - I was surprised we were given additional bonus of 3k from PNoy. Since I am new to the department, I was given 30% of what PNoy gave the government employees. It was a good help already and I am very thankful for that. And I think I deserved a reward for myself, so yesterday, Saturday, I shopped. I bought a pink top and a new tinted lip balm, a pair of leather slippers and a new hair doctor comb. I called for the hubby to meet me in a mall. We went to have a good massage and it was awesome. With stress gone, everything seemed to be in perfect condition now.

I am thanking the Lord for preserving our lives, and thankful that He is always there for me.

The best thing I bought yesterday though was a book. It was so cheap for P175 but I couldn't let it down after I read the first page, I hope you buy yourself a copy. It is filled with laughter that you will forget about your present situation when you read it. if you haven't heard of the book yet, it just got circulated and the title is "The Best of Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush Top 10". Go buy! Go laugh!

Take care, Everyone! Mahirap magkasakit, magastos!


kayni said…
wow sheng, sounds like you had a crazy week, but i'm glad to hear things are better now. be strong. i'm hoping bonus this year is good. i'd love to treat myself too :)
sheng said…
@kayni: Indeed it was. I was really nervous but things are okay now, we have to be careful always. I hope you're good, kayni!
docgelo said…
so this explains your fb posts last week. sorry to know that your love one had been admitted and had to endure such discomfort. but thankfully, everything's ok now.
good for you and your family, sheng!

on a lighter note, nagcheerleading ka pala ha, naks! congratz sa 2nd place na panalo. not bad actually! :) ...i sometimes swing to chico garcia's blog and while at it, am amused at his post about their RX thing. :) must be a nice read!
bing said…
hi, bloghopped from sandbox.

sabi nga, bawal ang magkasakit, lalo na sa panahon ngayon.

it is a good thing it was not PTB. it could give you more anxiety.
Anonymous said…
that was one crazy week but glad husband is okay. it is interesting how the worry falls down to the kids. i guess it always happens when you're a mom! the book sounds interesting. i will try to check it out.
jeniffer said…
buti naman ok na yung husband mo at hindi TB.. the good thing about TB is that super dali nya na lang itreat basta lang always be faithful when in comes to treatment..
sheng said…
@docgelo: Kakahiya naman yung cheerleading, team leader lang ako, hindi cheerleader, haha, but it was good, even hough we lost to the better team.

@bing: Thanks for dropping by my blog. You are always welcome to visit me and my personal daily and weekly and minsan wala pang stories. Hehe, hop again soon!

@prinsesamusang: Check out the book, it's a big de-stressing kinda book!

@jeniffer: I didn't know it can be treated, hmmm, i might as well research for that! Thanks. i'm swinging by your blog soon!

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