So You Think You Can Dance?

Good for you, because I can’t!

I have two left feet, and I am wanting for a partner with two right feet so we could become a pair and we can dance good. Luckily, I have a husband who dances; he was once a member of Kahayag Dance Group of his university way back in college. What he can do, I cannot do when it comes to shaking the groovy. I can dance, but watch me dance and I can give you a laugh trip. I can shake my booty but I tell you, I am as stiff as a stick when it comes to dancing.

Will you believe me when I tell you I danced when I was in grade school? Oh yes, I did, and way back, I had a good graceful dancing talent which I do not know where it has flown now.

I am so envious of those people who can actually dance gracefully, shake their bodies to different tunes whether it be a folk or a classic dance or even ballroom or jazz. I hate to see them dancing so gracefully while I cannot even step a foot to the right tune. Ugh.

Those with dancing talents are gifted. They can perform whatever moves they could include in a presentation. I really think this makes me less of a person, haha, but I urge you to at least dance your time away. Why?

Well, aside from the moves that will burn off your extra lipids, dancing, even if you’re doing it so awkwardly, will de-stress you. The sweat you produce is a good proof for that. Even if you are not too graceful with the dancing, I urge you to move your body, and while away time by shaking those muscles and be fit just by shaking your body.

I cannot dance good, but for sure, I will still dance, even with my two left feet. And hopefully soon, I could be proud and tell you guys: I have the moves like Jagger.


kg said…
ako sheng marunong! i have danced in a group when i was younger. :)
Lawstude said…
ako din marunong. and i have a you tube video to prove it haha.
bertN said…
You are better off than me - I can only dance the slow drag...and only when the lights are dim.

I think my dancing process started to go downhill in my second grade in elementary school when I was eliminated from our class dance group being form to perform at a school function.
jeniffer said…
practice makes perfect ryt? so try to do aerobic dancing and then progress to modern dancing.., IT will help to burn fat and calories.. You don't need to be good in dancing-- It's just a matter of perseverance.. :)

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