What I Learned from Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0

It seemed like only yesterday when a convergence of bloggers gathered in one of the grandest "eyeballs" in Mindanao, the Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0 . It was well attended by bloggers from all over Mindanao, to mention Davao, Iligan, Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, Cotabato City, Koronadal City and many other places in the island. Speakers hailed from all over the Philippines too and they were very great in their talks, very inspiring bloggers and with very commendable advocacies.

I am so honored to have heard The Explainer himself, Manuel Luis Quezon III. I was deeply moved when he said that your blog must not be a monologue. It must be interactive that is why bloggers are supposed to acknowledge and answer the comments that are placed in their comments box. He said that we must be responsible with the blogs we post, there must be some responsibility within us, that every post we share must be thought of carefully. He also emphasized the need for these main points in a blogger's life:

1. Read - A Lot for you to be informed. This is what I liked the most, he repeatedly mentioned that as bloggers, we must read a lot. We must read newspapers, books, printed materials and even documentaries. This is for the blogger to grow and learn.

2. Discuss - Your points, your views, and discuss what needs to be questioned.

3. Write in White Heat - How many of us bloggers write just because we need to write? Hence, he said that a blogging hiatus is a welcome respite from the blogging if we do not feel like writing. It feels good for the blogger to write if he is inspired, and if he is in white heat, meaning, with careful thinking and with an objective to inform. He must be the source of an informed opinion when he blogs.

4. Edit in Cold Blood - Some bloggers may just hit the publish button because they feel what they write is enough and makes sense, but one must be careful. The blogger must edit in cold blood, give way for facts and wisdom to be put into words.

5. Fight for freedom - This fight for freedom is the freedom per se that we are blessed with, but with this freedom to write and express our views, we also have to...

6. Care - You write because of money. Yes, and no. Some of us may write blogs because of the money that comes with it, but we need to care for others who are reading our blogs. The internet is a free enterprise. Anyone can visit your blogs even little ones, even those who are far, and even those who do not really know us. We may not necessarily know them, but we can hurt them with our views if we put them in writing, so we need to show some CARE to others even with the blogs we post. Our blogs are our personal advocacies, so we need to start Caring.

Manuel L. Quezon III, MLQ3, The Explainer

Abe Olandres of yugatech.com brought with him his many gadgets. I and my husband were drooling with every gadget he was showing the crowd, wowing us with all those devices and small computers from netbooks to smart phones and androids. I feel so poor as compared to what he has, haha. But seriously, I am actually enjoying my android now, more than ever. If I get an iPad soon or a Kindle, I admit, I'd be happier.

Mae Paner or Juana Change is a writer, video blogger, artist, and director rolled into one. She has very insightful views about change and beginning the change in yourself. Her satires are really funny which may hit a head point blank if one is affected. I love the way she told her story, the way she gives her talk, so funny yet inspiring. She instilled in me the love for being the change in the community. Others may be doing wrong, but you can change that, and not be involved, or not be a follower. She is a major laugh trip in the Blogfest, but she's one I love best. If you wanna know more about her, search for Juana Change via Youtube, she has lots of videos to share with you all.

Raffy Tima of GMA talked about GMA's advocacy: Think Before You Click. It's as simple as that, we must think before we click, from posting our personal status in the social medias we have like Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and many others including our blogs. Raffy left the following tips for us bloggers to remember,and this I share with you too:

1. Be fair and accurate.
2. Verify facts before posting, tweeting or re-tweeting.
3. Don't do or say anything in the social media will regret after.
4. Remember, anything you upload can be shared by others.
5. Try to ignore tweets and comments intended to provoke quarrels.
6. Acknowledge, delete and/or correct errors and apologize if necessary.
7. Don't do anything stupid.

Jack Madrid of Multiply Philippines was able to inspired me to do business online because, truth be told, this is the trend nowadays. You can shop as much as can with just the click of your mouse. You can even pay bills and do other financial transactions like banking and sending money. But what the physical shops can give you, online shopping can do too.

Aileen Apolo, spoke about Youtube and what we bloggers can learn from it. We can also use Youtube to earn now because Youtube Philippines has just launched a way where we bloggers can earn through the videos we post in Youtube. She also did not forget introducing Google +. How many of you have not used Google + yet? I do have an account with Google + and I think I have to utilize it more. Google Hangout for chatting, Google Circles for your different group of friends and other features of Google + is at your service if you have a Google+ account which is no longer by invitation, it's already out, and free, so go make your account.

Bob Martin spoke about the start of the Internet in Mindanao and what his experiences were many years back when the fastest internet speed was less than a gig. Blech.

Flow Galinez talked about his advocacy to feed the world. Advocacies are very good ways we can help our world become a better home. We can help feed the hungry, but we need to feel how it is to be hungry to be more effective. Otherwise, it will look as if we care just because we have an advocacy. I am just proud that, like what you read from this blog, I also help children in the mountains, sending them school supplies and other things they need, and I will continue doing so. This is my advocacy.

But what is Blogfest without friends? I am just very very fortunate that I have my Soccsksargen Bloggers Family whom I could count on to when it comes to a need for good company, good food, and even for a call for laugh trip. I am very honored to have met many new bloggers too, and I hope and pray you keep on blogging, and remember the points that our speakers have shared to us all.

Soccksksargen Bloggers with Yugatech, Juana Change, Jack Madrid, Flow Galindez (in orange) and the Manansala Sisters who were the minds behind this great convergence of Mindanaoan bloggers. Kudos to everyone for a job well done!


lito antoque said…
nice post!indeed we have learned so much from the blogfest...the speakers are great!
kg said…
nice sheng!

blogging is indeed a responsibility. i've always thought that people who say "blog ko to, I can say whatever i want" are missing the point. posting on the internet makes your post public, which entails a certain level of responsibility.

as for me, i've always been careful. :)
sheng said…
@lito antoque: I am glad you were able to attend.

@KG: Everything we post in the Internet can be shared by anyone, therefore, we must be responsible with what we upload and post.
maria said…
I am a blogger but I do not have a fixed theme. I blog anything under the sun but I feel responsible for anything I share :) I learned a lot from this post you made. Thank you so much :)
sheng said…
@maria: Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You see, blogging is a social responsibility, I am glad that you are writing and sharing your stories responsibly.

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