Christmas Bonding 2011

Undoubtedly, Christmas is everyone's most favorite part of the year, next to their birthdays. Everyone loves to expect something because Christmas is the season of giving, most especially for children.

It is but a good way to bond, families have longer vacation time and children have the Christmas break to devote to playing and reading.

It is just a good feeling that my kids never really liked any other gifts other than simple ones, and so when my boy wanted a new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book, my sister gave it to him as a gift. The following day, the book is done.

My daughter wanted an original Barbie because what she always gets is a doll so close to what Barbie looks like but never the original, so when she asked for a Barbie, my best friend gave her the original one.

Christmas is for children, so I was glad that my kids got what they wanted for Christmas. It may be too
simple for adults and for those who have much but celebrating it with them and making them feel special the most inspires us to do a better job in raising our kids to stay humble and live with less luxury than those who have much.

We have had a simple Christmas dinner, but what is best is the togetherness that we enjoyed during Christmas eve. We may not have had fancy recipes on the table but what is important is that we have each other and remembering that the reason for Christmas is JESUS.


Eds said…
very well said sheng. christmas is indeed for the kids.
Anonymous said…
sheng you have a wonderful family. i hope you get the most blessings this year. happy new year!
kg said…
ang laki na ng kids! :)

ok lang ang simple celebration, basta sama sama ang family! :)
Ibyang said…
merry christmas and a happy new year, sheng!
Marian said…
sarap ng celebration. uy yung lantern na hawak nyo yan ba yung pinapalipad na may ilaw?
Heart of Rachel said…
Happy New Year Sheng! Thanks for sharing your happy Christmas moments. Nothing can be better than family bonding.
Photo Cache said…
Happy New Year. Here's to good health and peace of mind. More travels too.
bing said…
happy new year!

we try our very best to bond as a family during Christmas and New Year. walang lakad dapat ang bawat isa. :-D it's a little more than the other celebrations maybe as there are more food for the children to feast on.

at times the season becomes so inspired of commercialization forgetting the true reason for the celebration.

amazing how your son loves to read and devoured it in so short a time. and oh, the barbie dolls, the little girls in the neighborhood enjoyed them very much.
dong ho said…
it's nice to have some children with such perspective. looking best on the simplest things.

galing ng mga magulang.
docgelo said…
Gabby also received diary of a wimpy kid book from our fellow KG (she actually doesn't want for me mention this but it's truth, we're grateful to her, we like the book!).

true, Jesus is the reason for the season.:) and what a better way to celebrate His birthday (everyday) is to be selfless for our own family first.
Anonymous said…
tama! tama! :) Christmas is for children, not for parents to earn off their kids' aguinaldos!!! :D

p.s. saan ako makaka-score ng t-shirt ni hubby? mwehehe... *like*

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