Maybe Because of the Weather?

I'm on sick leave today. Daughter is feverish since Sunday and I had to stay home last Monday night at my Mom's house because I want to save some measly fare moolah. I hate to be so near yet so far to home that I immediately went home yesterday, Tuesday night. I have to make sure that daughter is far alright, but the fever started up again at midnight. I am not comforted by the thought of leaving the sick daughter with the husband because for all you know, fathers don't really have magic healing hands like mothers do.

Today, I brought her to the pedia, and we were given a prescription for cough, and antibiotics for the fever and the colds. No, it's really not the simple colds, it's actually more than that. She can't breathe well, barado ang ilong. And you will pity her when you see her because she looks so haggard that I would just hug her tight just to let her know everything will be alright.

I almost fainted at the price of the meds though, too pricey. I thought I wouldn't shell out much but guess what, I thought wrong. The meds was far more pricey than the last time I bought it, or so I think. But anyhoo, for as long as the daughter gets back to her old self, I can even pour all of my measly savings for her good health.

One thing I'd like you to know, this weather has been really bipolar. The sun smiles so warmly in the morning and lets out a shy goodbye in the afternoon, and everyone welcomes a downpour. Ugh, such crazy weather we have here. This being said, I want you all to be very careful with your health. It doesn't matter how much daily pay you lose but if you feel like you're losing energy, go rest yourself.

Take care, everyone! Be safe too!


Anonymous said…
barado and ilong = stuffed nose.

maybe she's got sinuses.

delete after reading please.
sheng said…
@Anonymous, hehe, thanks for that, I was thinking clogged nose, but anyway, I pretty sure know people reading this will understand what I'm saying. Thanks for dropping by whoever you are.
kayni said…
i hope she's feeling better now. the weather is crazy over here. this is one winter with no snow...then there are days it gets warm. nakakasakit.
doc anna said…
Get well soon sheng!
The weather is the same here in Penang. Too hot in the morning, then it will rain (as if there's a storm coming) in the afternoon.
Take a lot water and Vit C! :)

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