My new 2012 Starbucks Planner

It may have arrived at a later date, but I really didn't care for as long as I carry a bundle of bundle of joy with me everyday of my life until this 2012 ends.

My first Starbucks planner was given by the same person, Marian of Upto6only in January of 2010, and when DongHo visited Gensan in February of the same year, again, he brought me the very same planner, which I used last year, 2011. In 2009, Jeanny sent me a Belle de Jour planner.

I totally shrieked out with joy when I received a text from Marian that she's sending me a new one, I never thought I'd have another Starbucks planner. But I really appreciate the gesture.

Now that everything seems to be in a haste every now and then, I can simply check what I have to do in my planner, because my life is that organized. I know my priorities and all these are written and will be written in my new Starbucks planner.

That lady will make me smile every day of my life. I am just so grateful I have friends, online and offline who continue to inspire me and who trust me.

Thanks to Jeanny too, for sending me loots, TimTam for the win!


Eds said…
wow! sweet naman ni upto6only. never pa ako nagkaroon ng starbucks planner. hindi k0 kasi kaya i complete ung stickers eh.
SunnyToast said…
So sweet....I wish you the best of 2012!
kg said…
you have to give it to marian to be the one who is the most likely to be able to give away a starbucks planner...cofeeholic! haha!

ako im not into planners kasi i dont really use them! hehe!
Marian said…
hihih enjoy. uy use the freebies there :D
sheng said…
@Eds: I always love their planners. Haha, pareho kaming addict ni Marian sa pagkakape, kaso lang, we don't have Starbucks here yet.

@SunnyToast: Thanks dear.

@KG: Yes, Hooray for Marian! Di ka kasi nagkakape, di kita pwedeng yayain sa Starbucks if i go there, hehehe.

@Marian: Thankies, thankies.
Anonymous said…
sipag mag-kape talaga ni upto6only! di naman masyadong halata sa pics/posts niya. :p ahaha.. lucky plucky sheng. :)
Anonymous said…
man sheng, that's cool! you have great friends! now i hope your planner will be filled with tons of fun this year! good luck!
jeanny said…
love the planner. I got a darker one :-)

Si MArian, certified coffee addict :-)
Reena said…
hehe.i got mine for free too. pero i never got to use it kasi i have my own system of planning dates. :)
enjoy using the planner!
Heart of Rachel said…
That's a wonderful gift. It's a blessing to have thoughtful friends.

Wishing you a promising 2012!

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