34, Older and Wiser

It's February 7, I am very thankful for the new year that God has once again added into my life.

I'm 34, I have been counting the days until I reach 34 and it swiftly arrived without much ado. Life has been very good to me while I was 33, and now I am wondering what will happen because I turned a year older. Life goes on, absolutely, and I am glad that as I age, I become wiser.

Thank you to those who remembered my birthday. I am very overwhelmed at the many greetings you all gave me, from Facebook to texts and even personally.

I didn't get to have a really grand celebration, just a small dinner with family and close friends at Bigby's which made me smile and I wanted to hide because the crew sang me a song, too loud for everyone to know it's my birthday.

Ahhh well, you only get to celebrate birthdays once a year, therefore it must be at least, special. And I did have a special birthday because I spent it with family and friends, and I am thankful for what has been and what comes. To GOD be the glory!


kayni said…
happy birthday and more blessings to you.
Ibyang said…
happy birthday Sheng! may your year be filled with love and so many blessings. :)
BlogusVox said…
Oy, na late ako. Henewey;
Belated Happy Birthday, Sheng.
May all your wished yesterday comes true!
bertN said…
Happy birthday to a young and wiser 34!
Reena said…
happy birthday sheng!!!!! :)
Marian said…
Happy Happy birthday Sheng!!!!
dong ho said…
Sheng di to bola. i thought you are actually younger than me. wow!

happy 34th brithday!
kg said…
looks like you had a blast, kahit simple ang celebration! yan naman ang important diba, na we are with loved ones and friends! :)
doc anna said…
belated happy birthday sheng! :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Belated Happy Birthday Sheng. Wishing you more wonderful years ahead.

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