Bloopers Galore

Did I already mention I have new bosses? Yes, I do, and during the the Turnover Ceremony for the new bosses, the new Regional Director and the Assistant Regional Director, I was the emcee. It got me thinking how I have endured the shame because I've had bloopers done on the turnover.

While mentioning the field offices and their heads, I forgot to mention the team where I belong, and the technical division. After having corrected what I have forgotten, I also failed to mention the Mediation Arbiter Team and the head. Hayyy. I wasn't really supposed to be the emcee, but was assigned the very morning of the event. i didn't have enough time to prepare for what to say but I think I did well.

We were all so hungry because it was almost past 12 and the event isn't done yet. Everyone was clamoring for the length of the event and so I asked somebody to pray for the food, until someone nudged me and reminded me to call the Technical Division Chief for his closing remarks. Waaaah, sometimes, things just go bloopers. And that happened during the Turnover Ceremony of the new bosses. I think I failed.

But then again, the following morning when the RD reported to work, she told me I did a good job doing the emceeing. And when I went to see the ARD, he also mentioned I did an excellent job there. I dunno, they just might be making me feel good, but I am flattered.

More practice para sa sunod hindi na makalimutan ang mga di dapat kalimutan.

Emcee-ing/hosting has been a regular gig for me, but I still think I need more training on that.


Lawstude said…
ayos lang yan. the mere fact na ikaw ang kinuhang mag-host means ikaw pinaka-talented jan :)

good luck sa new bosses :)
sheng said…
@Lawstude: Medyo kinakabahan pa rin ako every time may ganung mga requests. Nakakaloka.
Reena said…
Naks! Baka ma-discover ka sa skills mo sa paghohost ha. Hehehe. Im sure you did well and the office counted on you to do it kasi they know you were good at it.

Goodluck with the new boss!
Eds said…
ayos lang yan sheng. at least nakaraos na. hehehe

advance happy birthday nga pala sayo.
docgelo said…
well done, sheng! i also had my share of impromptu emcee-ing that i had no idea of what to say or what to do during such events. tipong hinila ka lang isang umaga at binigyan ng responsibilidad. what matters most is when you pull it through and a gesture of appreciation is just an icing on the cake!
dong ho said…
tingin ko di na kailangan ng practice. natural na natural ata mag emcee.
sheng said…
@Reena: Ako naman kasi dapat alam ko ang flow, eh hindi kasi gumawa ng program eh, kay dami nakalimutan. Had been hosting/emceeing since college days.

@Eds: Thanks!

@docgelo: Buti na lang ikaw mo nairaos ko, hahaha!

@dongho: You may be right there, but sana lang walang biglang hilaan na magugulat ka na lang ikaw pala emcee. They sould have told me a day before or something like that! Thanks!

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