The pictures may seem a bit blurry but this is what the daughter handed me when I arrived home today. She's just the sweetest girl, and even if she sometimes has this maldita attitude that I do not like, I still love her because she's my daughter, and she can be really sweet if she wants to, the kind that sweeps her father off his feet.

Well, what do you know, she's 6, but she's really creative, not to mention, very thoughtful.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, though late my greeting may be! Mwah!


Sweet! Sana marunong din gumawa si Pasta girl! hehe... At least inubos nya ang niluto ko sa kanya - giniling pork and kalabasa! With matching kaluskos ng kainan nya sa sobrang said :)
kayni said…
so sweet and cute. happy valentine's day to you and your family.
sheng said…
@Gay: Buti si Pasta, nakatikim ng luto mo, kami dito, wala na. Hehehe, uwi ka na!

@Kayni: She's a sweet little lady for me, one reason why I always am excited to go home. How did VDay went for you?
docgelo said…
ang tamis! PRICELESS!
belated happy hearts' day, sheng!
kg said…
belated happy valentines! :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Such a sweet message ...

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