What Truly Pays Off

A friend sent me this message earlier last week:

Albert Einstein spelled out his formula of success this way:

A=X+Y+Z where

X = Work
Y = Play
Z = is keeping your mouth shut.

In my present world where I work, I have found very disappointing instances where you see different kinds of actions and reactions only for the competition. I am not making myself clean here, but in the government, there are a lot of people who will continue pulling you down because you are performing better than they do; there are a number of co-workers who will accuse you of this and that without having to check how things came to be. I find that in the government, very minimal people give true value to work, and oftentimes, they are the ones who are just in the background. Those who are the noisiest are those who do less.

I may not be the kind of person who will keep working and be content in little rewards, but I want to give justice to those who have worked really hard enough and yet keep their mouths shut because they just want to work without any complaint and ceasing.

I may not be a good employee for some, I may not be as excellent as some people are, but I know when to keep my mouth shut because I know I have done what I am supposed to do.

I just hope people will remain proactive, I hope, I hope.

Well, this may sound true too: Hard work is for people short on talent, but hey! Hard work beats talent who doesn't work hard. Right? Right!


docgelo said…
sheng, gossips and office politics happen everywhere not only in public offices. i have learned not to trust anyone anymore but my family.
and i have to state that soooo agree with your last statement! well said.

happy weekend, shengskie!
kg said…
agree ako kay docgelo...sa lahat ng opisina meron nyan! ganun talaga, the human race is a melting pot of character! :)
jinky said…
basta you just work, work, and work ;-D
dong ho said…
meron din ganyan sa corporate world. i must agree with docgelo. just work with integrity and kung di pa rin talaga leave as it wont be healthy for you.
doc anna said…
sheng, ang masakit pag nasa abroad ka, minsan kapwa pinoy mo pa ang magpapahamak sau. I wish those people will get their karma soon...
Anonymous said…
it's so tragic that some untalented people, who only think they are, work so hard at using their tongues instead of their brains and causing strife in the workplace.

They like to believe they are the victims when former friends start to stay away from them then spread even more lies.

They make themselves believe that other people are the cause of their own misery and criticize them for their own faults, not realizing that they had their feet in their mouths the whole time.

Let us pity those kind of creatures.
bertN said…
I had more than my share of dirty politics in the office when I was working in Pinas and 'Tate. It is everywhere. No wonder there are people who prefer the company of dogs to their own kind.
Anonymous said…
I agree with doc Gelo and doc Anna, First, trust and love ur Family. "DONT EVER HURT THEM" they are the only person u can trust and count on, especially if ur working abroad. Second, ang problem eh minsan ang "KAPWA PINOY" mo pa ang mag lalaglag sau. I'll give u something to think about, let's say u were working in a same company, u are around 20 people from one country and the rest is from diff countries, I think its normal to have conflicts between 4-5 people in this group,right. How about 1 person having conflicts to 15-19 people, what do u think is the problem here?. Just an example...:)

And I also agree to "ANONYMOUS" had experience with that kind of person. I think he/she is living in an imaginary or virtual world...hope he/she can wake up soon.
BlogusVox said…
IMO, daig ng maagap ang masipag. In our government - "whom you know" beats "what you know". : (

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