Dirty, Just Dirty

Warning: Dirty, Has the Power to Turn Your Stomach Upside Down

We ordered 6 servings of pancit canton - atay during our coffee break last Friday, and while office mates were too busy eating their portions, I was busy doing some writing, and so I was not able to immediately devour mine. Until after a few minutes when almost all helpings were already consumed, our cashier announced that the portion she's eating has sauteed cockroach in it.

The office was suddenly stirred and there was a commotion because everyone wanted to take a peek at the sauteed cockroach in the pancit canton. The group took shots of the celebrity foreign body in the pancit and while I was too busy to notice about the commotion, I was really glad that I haven't touched my pancit yet, or else, it could have turned my stomach.

I lost my appetite after I learned about it.

I dunno what to say, but these restaurants must pay close attention to what they are serving their consumers. The incident that happened may not have stirred a good batch of their patrons, and may not even affect their business if we are subtracted from their list of suki, but if we are to share the incident by mouth, and if we are to make bad publicity about their famous restaurant, they could go into closing shop.

Sometimes, we have to make sure we are provided good service and clean, healthy food. That's just worth the money we paid for it, right?

Hayyy, I am so disappointed with BJ's Lechon Manok and Restaurant (Abad Santos Branch) in Koronadal City.


marian said…
Shocks buti na lang hindi ka nakakakain. naku at least yung cashier sinabi nya na may foreign particles duon sa food kesa yung ideny pa nila..

cleanliness is really important if you are selling food.
bertN said…
What did the resto say about the exotic ingredient accidentally added?
sheng said…
@Marian: Oo nga eh, buti na lang di pa ko nakakain.

@BertN: I'm not sure what the boss and the manager talked about last Friday as I went out of the office early, I'll update soon as I get hold of any info.
Anonymous said…
ack! good thing you did not eat yours! my friend had a similar experience, sa water dispenser naman. PM
Photo Cache said…
that is breaking the cardinal rule of restaurants.

are there any governing bodies that oversee cleanliness in restaurants back home in the PI?
BlogusVox said…
Wala kasing check & balance ang "services" sa atin. As long as they are paying their dues to the municipality, okey na.

I experienced this sa Makati on an "up-scale" restaurant in Greenbelt. The drinking water they gave us was not potable. Nag ka LBM ako, mabuti na lang the hotel were staying was near. I have to rest the whole day because of that.
docgelo said…
one word: kadiri.
two words : beware, sheng!

ps : takot si tina at gabby sa ipis. tapos nasa pancit pa iyan?!!!
dong ho said…
this shoudl reach the owners. alam ko marami pang lugar na may ganito kasi walang standard sa kusina. mahirap na magtiwala sa mga ganitong food shop.
anney said…
Ako naman ang na experience ko langaw naman ang kasama nung food namin. Yuck talaga! Buti di mo pa nakakain yung pancit. Kakasuka diba?
Eds said…
yacks! pero alam mo na experience ko na yan sa isang resto sa ortigas. galing pa naman kami sa travel so talagang gutom na kami tapos nakita ko may ipis sa food ko. kadiri talaga. yong manager nag offer na palitan yong food ko pero hindi ko na tinanggap kasi wala na akong gana at talaga namang makabaliktad sikmura.

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