Linis List This Long Holiday

  • Remove curtains for washing.
  • Cover some knickknacks in order not to gather dust on them.
  • Get rid of cobwebs. From ceilings to walls, vacuum if possible.
  • Take indoor plants outside, replace with new plants.
  • Wipe tabletops, picture frames, ceramics with wet rag.
  • Clean again using dry rag for polishing.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean lampshades and fluorescent lights, wipe with dry clean rag.
  • Dust appliances.
  • Apply polish on furniture and appliances.
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Clean under sofas, chairs, cabinets.
  • Sweep.
  • Change bedsheets and pillow cases.
  • Do the laundry.
  • Clean inside and outside area of fridge.
  • Brush bathroom tiles. Clean toilet.
  • Manicure lawn. Sweep lawn
  • Arrange outdoor potted plants.
  • Plant more ornamental plants.
  • Trim overly crowded plants.
  • Arrange clothes inside the closet.
  • Arrange clothes inside my kids' closets.
  • Clean bookshelf.
  • Arrange books.

And the list goes on, and on, and on, that I don't even have time to attend to posh weddings on the 8th, what with the beach weddings I was invited to handled by the famous Australia Corporate Events.

Beach? What beach? Do you think I still have time to rest this long weekend?


nanardxz said…
when i was a kid, summer is my most hated part of the year..regulated ang gala, mainit na panahon plus ang daming pinapagawa sa loob ng bahay.. haha good luck sau maam sheng, patulong ka sa mga kids.. :)
bertN said…
Where do you get the energy to do all these things and more? I get tired just reading your to-do list LOL.
Kayni said…
my list is growing as well...i hope that even if you're busy, do find the time to join my giveaway. i feel that the blogging world is slowing down.
Cidy said…
Bilib ako sayo kasi kaya mo lahat yan =)
Anonymous said…
just don't forget to breathe sheng! PM
sheng said…
@Nanardz: Minsan kasi, we need to try to enjoy every bit of time spent on different activities, ako, I have to enjoy moments with the kids. Kahit short time lang, so, yes, we'll enjoin the kids sa paglilinis.

@BertN: Sir, I do not know where I get the energy myself, hehe.

@Kayni: Yes, I will, my dear.

@Cidy: Yes, cids, Hirap maging nanay. Hahaha...

@PM: Haha, I still do.
onyxx said…
the list sounds exhausting :)

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