To Law School or Not to Law School, That is The Question

I am not sure if you already knew I took up law studies and landed on the second year when I got pregnant with my girl and stopped. Well, I did, and the reason why I took up law 7 years ago was that I really wanted to be a graduate, additional bonus if I get to be a lawyer.

Now though, I have been thinking of getting myself a masters, or going back to law school. My sisters have been bugging me that since I have already started with it, and now that I am connected as a regular employee with DOLE, the labor department, I must get back to finishing it.

I am in a confused state as to whether I must go back or not because law school is never a joke, and not an easy matter to deal with unlike other subjects which may only need private tutoring and that's it.

The bar exam results of last year proved to be yet another tough hump before you get to sign the Roll of Attorneys but I suddenly feel like I wanted to finish law school. This would also mean additional points for my future promotion aspirations. The need for TutorSpree would not be a guarantee when you get to finish a bachelor's degree in law.

And by the time I get to enroll, my desk will be doubly swamped with work, papers and law books. Aside from that, my time will be very much limited to family, work, schooling and uh-oh, travel. Ack! The thought alone already stresses me out.

I need your 2 cents.


docgelo said…
Atty. Sheila Marie Dumalay-BAGAY!

with your wit and motivated attitude, whatever you pursue, i know will yield success.

all the best on the decision making, sheng! pray for guidance always. :)
eks said…
i think you have already decided you're going back to law school. you just don't know it yet. hehehe.

hey... naniniwala kami na kaya mo yan. tapos, tayo kayo ni mordsith ng law firm. tagatimpla ako ng kape sa office niyo. and i tell you.. masarap ako magtimpla ng kape. :-)
Lawstude said…
Why not? If you need books and review materials meron ako :)
bertN said…
You already got a year of law study, you might as well go back to school and finish your degree.
sheng said…
@docgelo: Bagay ba? Hahahha. Magmimilagro muna ako sa schooling ko bago ako magmilagro sa Bar. Matagal pa naman yun, hehehe. Will let you know.

@Eks: Tama ka, mukhang ganun na nga. Meukhang I have already decided but to push through with it soon is still a contemplation for me. Eks, pag palarin, tama ka, sasama ako sa pakikipagsapalaran sa isang law firm with mordsith.

@Lawstude: Thanks for the support, dude! I have you for an inspiration.

@BertN: I think I will, maybe YES, hehehe. Thanks, Sir Bert!
I think you have to weigh things muna. Going back to school is prolly not an easy thing to do especially if you have already your own family. Pero it`s attainable naman if you`re really into it.

Kung anong nasa puso mo, go! Goodluck.
Unknown said…
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{TPS} said…
While you're in a conundrum to go to law school or now, I'm choosing between fashion design or bridal makeup. Parang nahiya akong bigla sa problema ko. Basta, Sheng, gora na yan!
Eks, lagi mong binabanggit yang kape na yan, never kong natikman. Para parang Invisible Pink Unicorn lang yan.
sheng said…
@Hoobert The Awesome: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just hope I can finish it in no time.

@TPS: I'd say, go fo the fashion design, or maybe both! But take small steps until you reach what you desire.
beatburn said…

my 2 cents, go for your dreams.
Nortehanon said…
Look into what's truly in your heart and you'll know the answer ;)

Good luck po!
Photo Cache said…
DOLE needs a lot of good lawyers and since you're already there. My 2C is if you are still interested in pursuing it, it is the right time to continue school.
mordsith said…
you know, sheng, if there's anything i regret in my life... it is that it took me 6 years before i started law school. although i really had to work hard for the family (and 2 sick parents) so i decided to postpone it, i figured i can never really be happy until i become a lawyer. i just dont wanna life my life regretting that.

so alam mo na ang vote ko? hehe.
sheng said…
@PhotoCache: Oo nga eh, yan din ang reason kung bakit gusto ko na tuloy magbalik-loob sa law.

@mordsith: I hope to be enrolled this June, sana lang makabalik na.

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