April 22 is Earth Day, Time to Change our Ways

This April, we will be celebrating Earth Day, specifically on the 22nd. 

Having said this, I wonder how many people know we are going to celebrate Earth Day. And, I wonder how many people celebrate this special day by just making sure that they take a grip and check themselves on how careful are they in taking care of the only livable planet we have in the whole universe.

I for one, am very observant of the ways people take care of Mother Earth. In fact, I wanna go ballistic when my father cut down trees and knowing how he is when he has decided on something, I just did my own way of restitution. I planted 2 calamansi plants although I know they are not the trees that my dad has cut down, I still believe they will make a good replacement. Keeping the state of Mother Earth in mind, I will surely plant more trees, hopefully find a good place where I could bury the good seeds. 

Reuse, reduce, recycle. These three words have become very powerful to me. I have always been a good follower of these three words, and that even if I'm keeping a lot of trash in my backyard, I still find ways on how I can recycle them. I am also practicing a good way to reduce the purchase of plastic bags, I bring eco-bags in going to the market. This way, I will no longer be buying plastic. I am also reusing other items that can be reused, knowing that they can still be, I keep it in mind not to abuse my money in buying new things when I can still use and live with the old one (even if it is not that attractive anymore).

Well, just to make you feel guilty, I have posted here the length of time some items decompose. And if you're using diapers, note that they go to about 550 years, plastic bags, 200-1000 years. See? Unless we all change our ways, we will have an earthful of garbage in the next few years.



disposable diapers 550 years!!!??

dapat bumalik na lang sa pag gamit ng lampin...
Paper savers said…
Hi There! There will be a recyclables fair in Robinson's Place this sunday, Apr. 22, 2012. You may sell your recyclables there from 8-5.
Paper savers said…
*Robinson's Place - General Santos
paper savers said…
Thank you for your concern for Mother Earth. There are only a handful of people who make an initiative to plant trees to replace those that are cut. You are a gem.
Photo Cache said…
we really need to change our ways, preserve what we have and be mindful always of our environment and every little thing that we can do will help more than we think.
Perrine Renoir said…
electronic waste is to be considered too - with all the new phones new gadgets new this and that. i read an article in reader's digest months back about this issue and our case here in asia is becoming worse compared to our european counterparts
Reena said…
wow. diapers decompose after 500 years! maglampin nlng ang babies! :)

this is very informative. thanks for sharing sheng.
sheng said…
@Christian/Lakad Pilipinas: Grabe ano, parang ayaw na nga niyang matunaw, hehehe. That's why we have to really take care of Mother Earth.

@PinoySavers; Thanks too, for people like you who know what to do because of man's abuse towards Mother Earth. My salute!

@PhotoCache: Sana lang lahat ang magbago, dahl hindi ito kakayanin ng iilang tao lamang.

@Perrine: Thanks for your concern. We all must do our part.

@Reena: Balik lampin na! same lang ang effect ng lampin at ang sanitary napkins natin. Sana lang may other options tayong mga babae.
bursky said…
i got scared with that diaper thing din! all the rest, i think i can minimize. and the plastic bags nowadays are "oxodegradable" so a little nice step from the big malls and supermarkets in helping mother nature. :)

belated happy earth day, sheng!

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