Easter Reflections

I have actually tried to work my way in making my very own Photoshop masterpiece for the reason that I really am no geek when it comes to graphics. I was sweating real hard to make things work as I make my very own jpeg version of the above, until the husband saw me having difficulty with what I'm doing, pitied me and ended up doing the photo himself. So, I failed. Ack!

But this failure will not continue for long. I made some self-reflections and I thought that whatever mistakes, incapability, overrated reactions and low self-esteem will slowly be banished from my system to a renewed ME. Hence, all the Rs.

1. Rectify all the wrong words that come out of my mouth, and replace with appreciation and positivity.

2. Renew the spirit. All positivity must flow, ignoring the bad vibes and making good in every small thing.

3. Recycle what needs to be recycled, for the good of Mother Earth.

4. Reuse not only things but also ideas, reinventing oneself in order to attract self-improvement.

5. Rebuilding friendships, reconcile with enemies, reuniting with estranged loved ones and making good with developing relationships.

6. I have been too lazy to make a stir, and so I need to regain momentum.

7. Respond to questions, logically, using more of the head than the heart in situations that need be.

8. Reconnect with past hobbies. Finding time to learn more about them, and encourage self to make good with these hobbies.

9. Reward self with material gifts, indulgence to favorite things, and reserving time for self.

10. Respect self, while also respecting others.


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