How I Spent My 5 Free Days

The Holy free days that we were in our very own home made me a very productive mom. I cleaned the house, cut the grass, trimmed the bushes, did the laundry, changed curtains, and did all that I have enlisted I will do.

We again laid out the mini-pool, and dipped into it, no matter how shallow it was. Didn't go somewhere because it was burning like though I haven't been there, hell.

But of course, I did not forget to bond with the kids, sleep longer hours, read some of my long overdue readings, watched TV, cuddle, played games with them and eat whatever there is in the fridge.

And so I cooked. There was not a day that my presence wasn't found in my kitchen. From breakfast till dinner, and the in-betweens, I made sure that I was looking after what the kids will eat. Truth be told, it was my way to cover up those days that I am not with them, not cooking for them. The five full days that I had to cook, I made sure that I follow a book's featured recipe, or check online recipes.

I was able to cook beef sukiyaki, my first attempt. It was really good that there wasn't a drop to be licked after the meal. Then on the last free day, since I still have some pasta noodles left, I had to cook spaghetti. It was what we would call a slow carb diet as we had the spaghetti for lunch, and no more snacks thereafter. Just that, spaghetti, and shakes.

Today, I look forward to another weekend of bonding with my kids, and I am already seeking for where I can buy chocolate chips and some candy sprinkles. I'm gonna be whipping up some sweets.

How did you spend your 5 free days?


bursky said…
never had 'free days' during the Holy Week. i always need a vacation after the vacation because i'm busy with Church duties! haha! :) glad you made good use of the time, sheng! :)
Photo Cache said…
what a productive week it was. and being with your kids most of the day is really precious.

we don't have days off here. but i took friday off and went visita iglesia with my mom.
BlogusVox said…
The good thing about spending 5 days of holidays in Pinas is marami kang mapupuntahang lugar na mag-eenjoy ka and the kids. Dito, during Ramadan holdays, we have to think and plan in advance kung saan gagastusin ang 5 days of our holiday.

Napaka limited ang option. : (
mordsith said…
I spent most of the days with my younger cousins, inside and outside the house. it felt like i was a mother hen with 4 little chicks. it's okay because i really missed them. =)

sarap ng bonding time, no?
glad that you had a wonderful and quality family bonding time sheng. well spent free days...

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